Scott Snyder’s New Heist Series Features Incredible Hayden Sherman Artwork (EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK)

CBR presents an exclusive preview of Hayden Sherman’s artwork in Dark Spaces: Wildfire, a new five-part heist series from Scott Snyder and IDW.

CBR has an exclusive look at some of the incredible art created by Hayden Sherman in IDW Publishing and Scott Snyder’s upcoming film Dark spaces: forest fires.

Dark spaces: forest fires is a five-part heist story from Snyder, Sherman and colorist Ronda Pattison. The series is the first installment of a larger anthology series from IDW, dark spaceswhich follows desperate people who are trapped in even more desperate situations. Dark spaces: forest fires, more specifically, follows a group of firefighters who are presented with what may or may not be the perfect heist. “[The series] is set six weeks after the start of the historic Arroyo fire and features a team of women from an inmate firefighting program risking everything on the front lines,” IDW said of the series. Their newest recruit – a white-collar convict with a deep network of shady dealers – discovers that they are only miles from the abandoned mansion of a former associate and comes up with a plan to abandon their duties and hunt for the wealth under covered with smoke and ashes. The team must decide if they are willing to risk their only safe path to normalcy for a score that would truly change their lives… But is it a fluke or a death trap?

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The preview of Sherman’s artwork shows the firefighters making their way through the charred landscape. Sherman said the opportunity to illustrate this scorched and seemingly desolate setting provided them with new opportunities to explore and create. “More than anything I’ve done before, I really sought to bring out the texture of this world,” Sherman explained. “Trees on fire, dirt, mud, etc., it’s a grimy, desperate place that was fun to set up in the clean geometry of comic book panels.”

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Snyder, known for his iconic DC work Batman among other titles, also said dark spaces allowed him to create something totally different from what he had done before. “It’s a chance to tell dark, grounded, character-driven stories that are totally unique,” he previously said. “Also, I wanted this to be a book where I could collaborate with such great up-and-coming talent like Hayden. It was also important to me to be able to open the door to even more new writers and artists. That’s why Dark spaces: forest fires is its own story, but will also mark the start of a series of new books featuring other writers and artists I have selected. Mark Doyle and IDW saw the vision and were amazing partners in helping me build this space.

Dark spaces: forest fires #1 — which features covers by Sherman, Andrea Sorrentino, Liana Kangas, and Tula Lotay — drops July 13 from IDW. The series will be published monthly until November. The sequel, which remains to be announced dark spaces the scenarios will follow in 2023.

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