10 Famous Artists Have Been Banned In Different Parts Of The World

Music is an art form which helps to share a certain thought in a different way and an artist has complete freedom to create whatever they want. But not everyone takes things the same way. This is why many artists have encountered many difficulties in their careers. Some countries also take legal action and ban the artist from entering the country or releasing any creation in the country. Many artists are banned in different parts of the world. Here are the top 10 banned artists in various countries-


Beyonce :

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Beyoncethe deep artist was banned in Malaysia due to a problem. The artist was about to perform in a concert but the authority asked him to cover himself from head to toe and change the lyrics and some parts of the choreography. This is why she canceled the show which led to her being banned in the country.


Jay Z:

Jay Z
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The very famous rapper Jay Z was banned in China as his songs have many disturbing lyrics according to the government of the country. The Department of Culture said it had “decided to protect the city’s hip-hop fans from nasty talk about pimps, guns and drugs”. Because of this, he faced such consequences.



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This rapper was banned from entering the country or publishing any of his creations in Sri Lanka. This is the consequence of his violation of a very sensitive subject. In one of his clips, the artist was seen doing some unpleasant activity in front of the Lord Buddha statue. This incident severely affected him and banished him from the country.


Snoop Dogg:

Snoop Dogg
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The famous rapper from the United States Snoop Dogg is forbidden to enter Norway. He was caught carrying eight grams of drugs. He was at Kjevik Airport going to a music festival when security discovered what he was carrying with him. After that, the artist was completely banned from the country.



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pop icon Madonna was forbidden to enter Egypt. The government of the country made such a decision because at that time she visited Israel. That is why the parliament ordered that she cannot enter the country. She is not the only artist to have been banned in an African country; Elton John was also expelled from the country.


The Beatles:

The Beatles
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The Beatlesthe rock band is expelled from the Philippines. This group was loved by everyone all over the world, that’s why a situation like this stunned everyone. This group somehow ignored the First Lady of the country and it became a very big problem in the country. Even all the locals were very disgusted after the whole storyline and were forced to pay back all concert fees. After that, they are never invited back to the country for any show.

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Selena Gomez:

Selena Gomez
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Selena Gomezthe international pop artist was banned in China since the year 2014. She was banned after posing with Dalai Lama went viral on the internet. The Chinese government has not taken this the right way. The country’s government did not cancel all of his shows at that time, but eventually banned him from performing on other shows. Currently, she is banned from performing in the country for the longest time.


Katy Perry:

Katy Perry
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American singer-songwriter Katy Perry was banned in China after an incident. At his concert, the artist carried the Taiwanese flag during the show and it became a big deal for everyone. She wore a sunflower dress on her Prism tour and in China, it means the student sunflower movement. It’s a very big movement in the country and that’s why the artist was banned in the country. For this reason, she was unable to perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai.


Bob Dylan:

Bob Dylan
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The Deep Artist Bob Dylan is prohibited in China. It is not allowed to perform or enter the country. Due to a cultural misunderstanding, he canceled his performances at beijing and Shanghai. In this performance there were songs about social protest and revolution. For such kind of important reasons, the country has completely banned it. These two cancellations majorly affected his ‘endless tour‘ in South Asia. He used to give almost 100 concerts every year in this part of Asia. This had a severe impact on his career.


Amy Winehouse:

Amy Winehouse
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Amy Winehousethe British singer was banned from entering the United States. She was arrested in Norway for carrying drugs with her and after that she was completely banned from entering the United States. Because of this, she couldn’t even attend the Grammy Awards. She was also about to perform in the show but couldn’t make it instead she performed live with a satellite link. This artist also won five Grammy Awards but could not receive them.

These are the top 10 artists in the world who have been banned in a specific part of the world due to various reasons.

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