An art carnival with 104 works by 32 artists

NEW DELHI: The Bombay Art Society (BAS) hosted its first Art Carnival exhibition from August 15 to 21, 2022. The first Art Carnival features 104 works by 32 artists. The carnival seeks to foster direct communication between artists and art viewers, including art critics and buyers. Many artists live outside the mainstream art markets and struggle to showcase their work in the mainstream art arena. The company hopes to bridge this gap by providing artists with exposure for their work while providing collectors and art buyers with access to that art through Art Carnival.

The BAS, founded in 1888 and one of the oldest non-profit art institutions in the Asian subcontinent, presents its first Art Carnival 2022.

Rajendra Patil, President of The BAS, said, “Every artist has always dreamed of exhibiting in a metropolitan city like Mumbai seeking a wider audience for their art! The financial capital offers constantly expanding artistic platforms and new artistic spaces. Keeping infrastructure and financial constraints in mind, the Bombay Art Society is launching its first ever “Art Carnival”, which is a series of affordable art exhibitions or group shows for emerging artists. artists.

The inauguration of the “Art Carnival” will take place at 5 p.m. on August 15 at the Bombay Art Society, Bandra, at the hands of Achyut Palav, an eminent artist and international calligrapher, in the presence of the artistic fraternity.