Angelo State student’s artwork reflects life

A student from West Texas painted at Paintbrush Alley Market Days in honor of her grandfather.

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Paintbrush Alley Market Days took place this past weekend in downtown San Angelo, giving vendors the opportunity to come out and display their handmade creations, while hoping the community would see their business potential.

Many activities were offered for children of all ages and food vendors offered their various wares.

Paintbrush Alley was originally established in March 2019 and has been the place for art in quirky places for many years.

A student from Angelo State University was found pondering her newly completed artwork. Chantel Castaneda is an art major at ASU. She and her classmates brought an entire mural to life, inspired by an artist who drew hidden icons in paintings.

Castaneda’s icon is a hidden house sparrow. She said she painted the sparrow in honor of her grandfather, who died of cancer last year.

“My icon is the house sparrow so I’ve included three of them and the reason I chose the house sparrow is to honor my late grandfather. So he passed away last year due to a cancer and it was very difficult. I wanted to continue to pursue a passion in which he supported me and that was my art. That’s why I included this so that it would be like a part of me from a certain way,” Castaneda said.

This particular mural took several weeks to complete and the majority of the art was worked on during scheduled school hours. At times Castaneda found it difficult with the bright sunshine and high winds, but managed to put all that aside and see the bright side of things.

Castaneda leaves a great message to all those who wish to pursue their career in art:

“Don’t fall for the negativity that people tell you. For example, if someone tells you, ‘You’re not going to make money or you’re not going to make a career out of it.’ This is wrong. I have seen so many people pursue their passion and it has rewarding results and for me it is worth it in the end. You should just do what you love because you are only there. once, enjoy while it lasts.

To see the murals, including Castaneda’s work, you can visit Paintbrush Alley. It is always open to the public.