Annual Veterans Art Exhibition features sculptures of wounded warrior dogs at the Monthaven Arts and Culture Center

Hendersonville, TN, August 02, 2022 –(– “James Mellick’s beautiful wood carvings are some of the most deeply moving pieces I have ever seen,” says MACC Executive Director Cheryl Strichik. “They are wonderfully realistic and contrast nicely with the intricacy and abstraction you see in many of Valentine Adams’ metallic masterpieces. MACC is honored to have these two incredible artists participate in our annual Veterans Art Exhibition.

Mellick, an Ohio-based artist, has spent decades perfecting the art of woodcarving. He has long considered dogs a symbol of humanity. By sculpting his Wounded Warrior Dog sculptures, Mellick created an effective metaphor for the sacrifices humans make in battle.

The artist used cherry, poplar, sycamore, walnut and cedar to sculpt his seven life-size dogs. An elaborate design, lamination and finishing process brought these animals to life. Works include a Doberman without a front paw, a German Shepherd with a prosthetic paw, and a Belgian Malinois with a metal plate. They’re traumatic injuries, sure, but Mellick’s canines seem fearless. It is a testament to the artist’s love and respect for these noble animals and the veterans they serve.

Adams, for his part, developed a healthy appreciation for good old-fashioned machines during his 23-year career in the United States Air Force. Unsurprisingly, his works possess a certain steampunk quality, with gears and gadgets fashioned into fantastical shapes. Metal art reminds Adams of a time when American consumers were buying durable household goods. In this regard, her art serves as an effective critique of today’s culture of elimination.

The fourth annual Veteran Art Show will feature a Bourbon & BBQ fundraiser to support MACC’s “Between the Lines” healing arts programs for military veterans. The art of approximately half a dozen veterans participating in the program will be on display at the MACC. Keynote speakers for the event include retired U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Major Bradley Kasal and Ben Peterson, CEO of Engage Your Destiny. Country music star Eric Lee Beddingfield will perform. The event begins at 6 p.m. on Saturday, August 6 at the MACC. A shuttle will take you to the Bourbon & BBQ event at Hallmark Hyundai. Tickets are available by calling (615) 822-0789 or by going to

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