Art collectors around the world are buying the work of this hairy Edmonton artist

EDMONTON — Hunter loves the little things in life.

“He loves to walk; he just likes to be curious, to do different things,” Denise Lo said. “And one of the things he does is paint.”

You see, Hunter is a dog… and Lo is his owner. “After a while, we kind of ran out of tricks and things to do with him, and then we came across the painting and it just went on from there,” Lo said.

Hunter, an eight-year-old Shiba Inu, started his hobby about four years ago.

“We have a little easel for him and then I give him a brush…obviously I dip the brush for him just because it gets too messy if he tries to,” Lo laughed. “He puts his little brush on the canvas and makes his little films.

These little films have turned into around 250 works of art over the years and have attracted buyers from all over the world who have seen Hunter’s works on social media.

“Asia, Europe, Australia,” Lo said. “I would like to say that his works have kind of touched every corner of the earth.”

Lo says the painting kept an energetic hunter from getting into trouble around the house while creating art for anyone interested in having a little more color in their lives.

“Anything that makes you smile, right? It reminds you of something positive and I think that’s kind of what they probably see in him.”