Artists Beyond Chords: Chris Shary

One of the hardest working artists, Chris Shary has been a fixture in the punk community for decades. Based in Stockton, Calif., Shary is also a dedicated acting teacher, father, husband, and self-proclaimed jerk. It really does EVERYTHING (pun intended). Best known for his portrayal of “Milo” (Descenedents), his works have also supported ALL, The Damned, Devo, Blink-182, The Meatmen, Circle Jerks, 7 Seconds, The Dead Milkmen, Agent Orange, Melvins, The Lillingtons, Chemical People, Masked Intruder and many more. Its output ranges from album covers, concert flyers, t-shirts, specialty merchandising items, and even action figures. With such an impressive resume, you’d think it’s all about fame, but deep down, he’s just a huge fan expressing his undying love for music.

Shary’s artistic journey started when he was able to hold a pencil and pencil for the first time, but got really serious at the age of 6. At 17, he started creating pieces for different bands and hasn’t stopped developing ever since. He often oscillates between different styles of portraiture such as the color blocking induced by vibrant pop-art and the realism of black and white sketches. His current art weapons are pen and ink, primarily sharpies, but he has recently returned to working with acrylic paints. Constant creation is the key to his process.