Artists Pay Tribute to Baltimore’s Many Charms

Charm Citycurrently on view at the Asya Geisberg Gallery, is a collection of material-driven abstract works by artists who live in or have a deep connection to Baltimore, Maryland.

Through material exploration, these artists push the traditions of artistic creation into abstraction. Using found objects, fibers, undulating lines, maximalism and deeply personalized processes, the artists redefine abstraction while charming the eye in curious and playful ways.

Baltimore is a gritty space with complicated narratives, but it’s also a hotbed of creativity, with an underground arts ecosystem unmatched by most American cities of its size. This exhibition celebrates the abstract risk takers who have been a constant in Baltimore’s art scene.

Together, these artists transform preconceived notions of Baltimore into one centered around community, creativity, and celebration, and working through material-driven abstraction, the artists ask viewers to truly experience Baltimore as it is. is today a wonderfully diverse and welcoming creation. haven.

For more information, visit the Asya Geisberg gallery.

The exhibition is visible until August 26, 2022.

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–All images courtesy of the artist and Asya Geisberg Gallery.