Artists to Watch for at Tubô Cebu Art Fair 2022

“After death, we can no longer suffer.” (photo added)

Drawing by Sylvia Gonser.  (photo added)

Drawing by Sylvia Gonser. (photo added)

"usbong." (photo added)

“Usbog”. (photo added)

"Return to calm" by Aljun Alvarez.  (photo added)

Cooling Down by Aljun Alvarez. (photo added)

"Dive into my mind." (photo added)

“Dive into my mind.” (photo added)

"Paka-hero 2" by Kean Larrazabal.  (photo added)

“Paka-hero 2” by Kean Larrazabal. (photo added)

"patron" by Mike Acaso.  (photo added)

“Boss” by Mike Acaso. (photo added)

"Flame lily." (photo added)

“Flame Lilies.” (photo added)

"stormy sea" by Kimsoy Yap.  (photo added)

“Stormy Sea” by Kimsoy Yap. (photo added)

THIS year’s edition of Tubô Cebu Art Fair promises to be bigger and busier than ever. A week-long celebration of art from September 11-18, Tubô 2022 doubles the fun with its online and physical formats, meaning double reach for artists and art lovers across the country.

Tubô Cebu Art Fair is an annual project of the non-profit organization Arts Council of Cebu, and it continues to be a promoter of artistic and cultural philanthropy in the Visayas since its inception in 2018. Despite the setbacks of the pandemic of Covid-19, its local community of patrons and volunteers champions the growth of regional art and its integration into national culture.

Designed as a playground where creatives can try their hand and showcase their work, Tubô has an impressive list of exhibitors this year. With the theme of ‘drama play’ as a common language that brings together their varying dialects, styles and personalities, these performers are sure to embody the region’s passion, imagination and energy.

Tubô’s physical exhibition grounds at Ayala Center Cebu are home to pieces from many of the Southern Philippines’ top art collectives and collaborations, such as Puluy-an Artists Space, Kolor Banwa, Dumaguete Visual Artists, Bohol Pop, Solitaryo Cinco, Gravado Sugbo, Regional Art Forum, Espace Luyo and Art Portal Cebu. They also feature works from Koliktib-Koliktib and Joya Gallery, which is affiliated with the University of the Philippines Cebu.

Visitors can attend various exhibitions by internationally renowned and emerging artists, such as Happy Garaje, Golda King, Jose Mari Picornell, Keanne Larrazabal, Dani Yu, Clyde Baricuatro and Marianne Guinto. Finally, Tubô’s signature collection, their piece de resistance, highlights some of the country’s established artists, including Melvin Gurheim, Kimsoy Yap, Adeste Deguilmo, Sam Penaso and Sio Monterra.

Other activities Tubô reserves for the art community are its seven-day online art sale, merchant market, art lectures, art screenings, and similar citywide art events. . With a cast jam-packed with creatives, this year’s show is gearing up to be Tubô’s most playful episode yet!

You can view the full list of exhibitors at or visit their social media, @tubocebuartfair on Facebook and Instagram. (RP)