Artwork by Skye Nicolas NFT Acquired by Misan Harriman for Tezos Inaugural Permanent Collection

NFT artwork by Skye Nicolas, UNTITLED [SAKURA HX-59749D], was acquired by renowned photographer and activist Misan Harriman for the Tezos Foundation’s permanent art collection at the NFT & Art: The Digital Roots auction. The auction was curated and organized by leading curatorial media studio NFT VerticalCrypto Art in partnership with Whitewall magazine and energy efficient blockchain, Tezos.|

It is an absolute honor to have my work collected and acquired by one of the most respected voices in the NFT space, who has been tasked with curating and building a historically significant NFT collection that champions unsung heroes. I dedicate this acquisition to my fellow Filipinos and underrepresented artists everywhere.

Skye Nicolas

A one-day pop-up exhibition took place at Lume Studios New York in which the artist was a guest speaker in a live panel discussion with other leaders in the NFT space, discussing the future of NFTs and the current state of the crypto-digital art market. Nicolas’ works were projected in a breathtaking manner throughout the exhibition space, and also exhibited in a special viewing room on designated screens. More than two hundred guests attended the vernissage, and guests of honor such as Britta Färber, Deutsche Bank Chief Curator and Deputy Global Art Director, Kamiar Maleki, Director of VOLTA, honored the event and spoke with Nicolas about his work and artistic practice.

The artwork is the first coin minted in the series Children of a Digital Suna series of digital flowers
work inspired by assemblage theory: a theory that aims to capture the biological signature of life by
examine information structures, the intricacies of replication, and the idea of ​​building simple machines
more complex machinery. A beautifully intricate digital work including compositional and design elements
layers, rendered in the artist’s signature moiré style.

“The acquisition of Skye Nicolas’ artwork by Misan Harriman marks an important moment for the NFT art ecosystem on Tezos, as VCA I am delighted to have facilitated this sale and that the artwork will part of the permanent collection of the Tezos Foundation.”

—Micol AP (VerticalCrypto Art Founder)

Harriman, the first black photographer to grace the cover of British Vogue and chairman of Southbank
Center in London, was entrusted by The Tezos Foundation (the Swiss non-profit branch of Tezos
blockchain), to curate and build its first permanent collection which will debut this summer in a digital art gallery hosted on the foundation’s website. Through Harriman’s curatorial mission, the collection will be
present various works by emerging artists with a particular focus on Africa and Asia, two regions often
underrepresented in the NFT community.


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