Artwork to mark the entrance to Sir Isaac’s Walk approved

A STRIKING piece of art is about to be installed in Colchester town center to celebrate independent shopping.

The artwork designed by Essex-based artist Ben Coode-Adams has been given the green light by Colchester Council.

This will be in Sir Isaac’s Walk to mark the Head Street entrance.

The artwork aims to highlight Colchester’s ‘Indie Road’ showcasing the town’s independent shops and businesses and will be placed on the wall of the toilet block in Culver Square.

Other options for an arch and totem were rejected due to scheduling constraints and public feedback.

The design is enamelled and galvanized steel with the text spelling out Sir Isaac’s Walk.

It also features a number of historical figures from Colchester’s past, including St. Helena and Boudicca.

The planning statement read: “Parts of the sculpture will remain in a medium gray, galvanized finish, while others will be painted with a durable color and lacquered for a deep, resonant finish.

“The paintwork will incorporate textured effects to achieve a jewel-like finish, reflecting Anglo-Saxon metalwork such as that discovered at Sutton Hoo.

“The goal is to achieve a sculptural finish that looks lush, dramatic and desirable.”

The report adds: “It is intended that the sculpture will be illuminated by built-in lighting and small spotlights, ensuring that the artwork will have a visual presence after dark.”

Colchester BID has previously said the key junction between Head Street and Sir Isaac’s Walk suffered from poor signage, and the guide is intended to help announce and celebrate the streets’ distinctive identity.

Speaking last year, BID Director Sam Good said: ‘Colchester has such a strong offering of independent stores and unique routes. Installations like this will help showcase the unique areas of our city that deserve to be celebrated in a way everyone will enjoy.

“We are delighted to work with architects and designers such as Ben, it highlights the strength of the artistic community we have here in Colchester. “The new artwork follows an arch that was erected in Short Wyre Street to act as a wayfinding feature, helping people navigate the town center earlier this year.