Aspiring artists sell artwork at a showcase event

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Beautiful music highlights the artistic impressions of some of Savannah’s youngest.

All summer, Urban Hope campers marveled at being able to express their creativity with a blank canvas and paint. On Friday at the Whitefield Center, their growth was showcased.

Savannah artist and gallery owner Sonja Robinson offered the free classes in her budding artists program.

Family members and friends have fallen in love with the paintings that let you see the world through the eyes of toddlers. WSAV’s Tina Tyus-Shaw was impressed and the young artists told her they were proud of their masterpieces.

“I sold a lot of art, which is great,” said Nirve Miller, one of the budding artists. “And I had so much fun in this program. It was amazing.”

“I sold a photo of a chicken, a photo with a lot of shapes on it, and we also have the bridge in Georgia on the wall, but mine hasn’t sold yet but a lot of them have sold” , said Christina Bell, another aspiring Artist.

The picture was perfect Friday night.

These young Van Goghs and Picassos sold over 100 works of art. The students received 50% of the proceeds and the remainder will support Urban Hope’s budding artist program next year.