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Beach artist Stephanie McLean is part of the Palimpsest project in which she and six other artists are working together to create paintings for an upcoming exhibit in Vancouver. Photo: Palimpsest website.


Beach artist Stephanie McLean will take part in the upcoming Palimpsest art exhibition in Vancouver.

Palimpsest is a unique exhibition by a group of seven artists, two in the US, one in the UK and three in Canada — including McLean. Together they form the International Art Alliance, a group of artists who met in online classes last year and decided to work together to put on a show.

The result of their collaboration is Palimpsest in which the artists will work together to create a series of original works that will have layers made by each participant. The final works will then go on display in 2023 at the Vancouver exhibition, although exact times and location are yet to be announced.

The palimpsest, by definition, is something that has been transformed while retaining obvious traces of its previous form. The exhibition will bring together all of the styles of the various artists involved into a single piece that layers each artist’s painting into something representative of the group.

The artists involved have unique painting styles, McLean said. Some focus on oil painting, color, light, balance, divinity and more. The goal is to bring the seven artists together to create something creative from their different styles.

“Each artist would paint or do whatever they would for their art as a first layer…then send it to the next person in line, we have a whole kind of schedule and order of artists we ship these parts,” McLean said.

The artist who begins each painting will have an intention behind it that subsequent artists will continue, she said.

“Ultimately…I guess our challenge is being able to adapt our styles to fit the intent of the painting,” McLean said.

The Palimpsest project is time consuming as the artwork must be mailed to each of the artists. Other artists participating in Palimpsest are Cheryl Willcox, Julie Brayton, Lara Spadetto, Rose L. Williams, Ross C. Berman and Denise Buisman Pilger.

“So right now I think we have a piece that has five layers on it, so there are two more people to go through for this particular paint,” McLean said.

McLean, who grew up in Montreal but now lives at the beach, has been an artist all her life. She studied music at Concordia University and credits jazz with influencing her art and leading her to become a painter.

“I kind of use jazz as a muse to paint. I always listen to music, usually jazz, not always jazz, but usually jazz when I paint,” she said.

For more information on Palimpsest and the International Art Alliance, visit

The artists also hold regular events on Facebook and YouTube, accessible via the website above.

For more information about McLean, his art, and where to see him exhibited, please visit

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