Bread asleep lethargic in pajamas in the meticulous and contemplative sculptures of Ikuo Inada


#ikuo inada #sculpture #wood

August 18, 2022

Kate Mothes

“Night by night.” All images © Ikuo Inada, shared with permission. Photographs by Hidehito Omata

Embodying the feeling of having troubled eyes from an early morning, insomnia or a long day of laziness at home, the artist Ikuo InadaMeditative sculptures personify sleepiness. The Japanese artist’s lifelike, meticulously sculpted figures cling to feather pillows, wrap themselves in comforters, or lie drowsily in soft hoodies. His ambiguous subjects, often half-hidden in a sweatshirt or blanket, typically stand between one and three feet tall and are carved from a single block of wood, allowing the natural grain to complement the delicately chiseled hem of a shirt, a drawstring and thin fingers and toes. Influenced by the expressive wrinkles and folds of Renaissance sculptures, the sculptures crystallize emotional and relatable moments of solitude.

Inada’s work will be exhibited at Art Taipei with Medel Shu Gallery October 21-24. You can also learn more about his website and instagram.

“Leave me alone”

Left: “A cramped day.” Right: “I’m still here”

“What a night”

Left: “All night”. Right: “Night Falls IV”

Detail from “Leave Me Alone”

“Night Head”, resin and acrylic

#ikuo inada #sculpture #wood

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