Britons baffled by strange sculptures in Queen’s Garden

The BRITS have been left baffled by a bizarre garden sculpture of the Queen’s head – but that’s not all it seems.

The giant terracotta bust of the monarch, 96, has gone viral on social media – complete with head complete with plastic grass hair and a crown.


Ben Bennett stands between the terracotta sculpture heads of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of EdinburghCredit: PA

Images of the giant statues of the Queen and Prince Philip have been posted online ahead of her special four-day weekend.

But many were led to believe the 12ft statues were created and erected for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this weekend.

However, the bizarre floral tributes were actually made by Ben Bennett in 2016, when the Queen was 90.

They quickly became a local tourist attraction when the man, who was 86 at the time, planted them outside his house in Windsor.

The terracotta heads were discovered by Mr. Bennett during a house clearance several years ago.

And its lawn was visited by hundreds of people in 2016, trying to catch a glimpse of the large statues of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

But with the images recirculating online, not all comments agree on the personality of the statues.

Some have said it looks nothing like the Queen from certain angles – but from a distance the bust unmistakably looks like Her Majesty.

Last week the Queen beamed with pride as she made her first official engagement in her new buggy at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Dubbed the ‘Queen Mobile’, the electric buggy was delivered to Her Majesty, 96, two months ago to allow her to take her corgis for a walk around Windsor Castle.

The six-seater buggy is equipped with all mod cons and is the first time it has been seen in public since its existence was revealed by The Sun on Sunday.

The monarch was given a guided tour with her stern-faced carp-carrying driver and received a running commentary on the show gardens and exhibits by the president of the Royal Horticultural Society – Keith Weed.

The Queen was celebrated at the show with a floral portrait in the official Platinum Jubilee shade of purple.

The work also features British tree branches joined together with shelves containing 70 terracotta pots.

They include one of the Queen’s favorite plants, lily of the valley, which also featured in her coronation bouquet.