Buyers denounce ‘radical’ artwork in city centers as a ‘complete waste of money’

Warwickshire County Council has placed ‘radical’ artwork in town centres, including Nuneaton and Bedworth, which has been called a ‘total waste of money’ by some buyers

The new artwork has been described as a waste of money by buyers

New ‘radical’ artwork in city centers has been called a ‘total waste of money’, with one person saying it looked like ‘a fence knocked down by vandals’.

Others have called the new structures in Nuneaton and Bedworth town centers “horrors”, CoventryLive reported.

Warwickshire County Council has championed the £350,000 scheme for ‘street interventions’ to breathe new life into neighborhoods.

But their appearances in Church Street, Nuneaton and All Saints Square, Bedworth, drew puzzled comments.

Many people took to social media to give their opinion, many of whom expressed their irritation.

One person said the artwork looked like a children’s playground

These are two of seven facilities across the county, which means that while each is worth the same amount, they cost £50,000 each to create.

The county council said the Warwickshire-wide scheme is a “radical step” to reinvigorate the use of public spaces such as town centers and parks in the wake of the pandemic.

But not everyone agrees with the questions raised about project spending.

One person wrote that the structures would collapse quickly.

“Give it a week until the angle grinder comes out because a wally falls off it and it’s declared unsafe. No one asked. A waste of money,” he said.

Another said: “It would have been better to use more eco-friendly natural materials rather than what looks like non-eco-friendly plastic. Okay, looks like a children’s playground !”

And there were a lot of people who thought the money could have been better spent.

“Almost 350,000,000 for this horror and there are old people in the area struggling to get their hot water on because of this energy crisis.!!! A total waste of money according to. We are run by fools,” said one.

Another wrote: “Well what else could we want. Not like we need stores or anything.”

Agreed, one user said, “Could have spent the money cleaning up the trash and tidying up the flowerbeds. The phrase neither use nor ornament comes to mind.”

Regarding the art installation in Bedworth, one person said, “It looks like a fence knocked down by vandals.”

And another person wrote: “Money could have been better spent like sorting out pavement status in bedworth and better land contract like glendale like bedworth a mess with ova (sic) grass from the grown bushes, etc.”

The Mirror has contacted Warwickshire County Council for comment.

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