Ceramic Rings Connect Nature and Community in Cecil Kemperink’s Elaborate Mobile Sculptures


#cecil kemperink #ceramics #chains #nature #sculpture

August 23, 2022

Kate Mothes

“Song of the Earth.” All images © Cecil Kemperink, shared with permission. Photo by Marja Sterck

Constant movement and transformation underlie the ceramic artist Cecile Kemperink‘s, inspired by the rhythms of nature. Since 2019, she lives in Texel, an island in the north of the Netherlands in the Wadden Sea recognized by UNESCO as the largest continuous, undisturbed intertidal ecosystem in the world. The endless crash of waves on the shore, grasses or branches waving in the wind, and the way humans interact with these phenomena inspire the artist’s linked organic pieces that blend sculpture and performance (formerly). Her work centers on a sense of connectedness, both ecological and within our communities, which symbolically manifests as bonds that expand and contract like ceramic chainmail.

Intended to be manipulated and reshaped, each ring is attached to others to create a sturdy yet delicate fabric that the artist can move across the floor, hang from the ceiling, or wear. “Movement is a key element of the expressiveness of my sculptures,” she explains. “The movements show the importance of each circle. Each ring is essential and influences the other; they are all connected. They are all one. Each link carries the symbolism of a circle: conjunction, connection, power, infinity, an eternal movement. In some works the components vary in size and can be enlarged or contracted, while in others, such as the “white gray tones”, they are intertwined and emphasize the circular form.

Kemperink’s sculptures carry significant literal and metaphorical weight: when a piece is worn or carried, there is a strong awareness of its presence, of the responsibility for its care, and, at times, of the burden of carrying it. Characteristically, there is also a duality in that the works are both malleable and taut. “The interaction of sculpture and woman/man opens up many layers of consciousness,” she explains, as “every relationship reveals new sensations, shifting feelings, and different energy. New perceptions are forming, multiple viewpoints are arising, and consciousness is in flux.

Kemperink’s work “Wishful thinking” is included in the International Academy of Ceramics‘Members’ 70th Anniversary Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland, September 12-16. She also recently launched a Youtube channel, and you can find more of his work on it website and instagram.

“Secrets”. Photo by Marja Sterck

“Something Sweet in the Wind”

Left: “Shaping Perception 3.” Right: “A wishful thinking”. Photos by Marja Sterck

“White gray tones”

Remodeling process. Photo by Marja Sterck

“Morning Light”

“Flow movement.” Photos by Marja Sterck

#cecil kemperink #ceramics #chains #nature #sculpture

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