Citrus Watercolor Society: Slate Artists “Paint Around” | Entertainment

The Citrus Watercolor Society monthly meetings will resume on Friday, June 10 at noon at the Family Center at the First Christian Church of Inverness, 2018 Colonade St. Guests are always welcome and I hope you will come and see what we have in store. for SCF members and friends.

Have you ever heard of a “Paint Around”? Five artists come prepared with a 12-by-16-inch concept, paper, and supplies, to set up at the appointed time.

They start their painting. For the next 10 minutes they add color, define shapes and start painting their individual design.

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But wait! After 10 minutes, volunteers take their paintings and pass them to the next artist so he (or she) can add their personal touch. Around the room, from one easel to another, paintings fly—from one gifted artist to another.

Then the magic really starts to happen. Details are added, colors are deepened, perspectives are drawn. The artist who loves landscapes suddenly adds their “brilliance” to a floral arrangement or a still life. Once each artist has tried each paint, the circle is complete and the original work is sent back to the original artist who has the last 10 minute segment to add their final touches.

And after? The paintings are signed (by all five artists) and matted. Drawing tickets are sold (this event is a fundraiser for CWS) and a lucky ticket is drawn for each painting. The winners leave with a unique original watercolor.

Our artists this year include: Darla Goldberg, Lionel Sanchez, Curt Bond, Barbara Kerr and Polly Boston.

These incredible artists have tremendous talents and you will have a great opportunity to watch them create stunning works of art from start to finish. I hope you will join us on Friday, June 10 at noon. You are invited to come a little earlier (11:30 a.m.) for a light refreshment and to meet your fellow artists and CWS members.

At the Spring Luncheon and Installation of the Citrus Watercolor Society Board of Directors 2022-23, the following members volunteered to work together to make the “Friendliest Watercolor Society” even better.

The new board members are President Marjorie Bannish, First Vice President Susan Strawbridge, Assistant First Vice President Helene Lancaster, Second Vice President Jan Kuukari, Treasurer Aileen Croly and Recording Secretary Gingi Marton. Also on the Board of Directors are the Director, Facilities Coordinator Terrance Carter; Director, Ambassador Darla Goldberg and Director, Member Delegate Ellen Hines. Congratulations to all !

For more information about CWS, see our web page at

Dori Sullivan handles publicity for the Citrus Watercolor Society.