Connecticut Artist Turns Trash into Stunning Animal Sculptures

An inspiring artist collects trash and turns it into art.

As shared by Good news, a Connecticut artist named Stephanie Hongo quit her job five years ago to follow her passion for art. She started creating her unwanted sculptures of different animals, which went viral online.

An artist uses trash to create beautiful works of art

Hongo told Nice News that she started her career with a blue deer named Yandoo.

“It was probably the best and greatest response I’ve ever received from any job I’ve ever done,” she told Nice News. “But I also felt very satisfied doing this kind of art.”

In just a few years, she has made more than 160 sculptures which allow her to live her passion for art full time.

“It’s amazing,” she told the outlet. “I really sit in gratitude about this probably every day… just thinking about how lucky I am.”

Hongo said she picks up trash from friends and family, as well as community groups and HVAC companies that have leftover materials. While she appreciates the response to her eco-friendly artwork, her main message is to follow your dreams.

“The most important thing I want people to take away from this, if there’s anything, is if you’re unhappy, you should do something about it,” Hongo said. “Life is just too short to do something you hate.”

Check out more of his stunning art below!

Pictured above, a busy moose named Arlo was sold for $2,000.

Pictured above is an elephant head named Eloise. Although a fan asked, she didn’t share the sale price of the elephant.

Pictured above, a peacock named Quinn sold for $700.

Hongo explained, “I’ve worked with this guy from time to time through commissioned work to add to my ‘available parts’ portfolio. So many people have asked me if I’ve ever made a peacock, but so far no one has ordered one. So here it is.

She said he strayed “a little bit” from his usual job because she bought peacock feathers from his tail toad. “I was on the fence about this decision because I could have made my own from bric-a-brac, but ultimately decided I wanted to try something new using the real thing” , she explained.

“I went for a more iconic design in the body shape,” she added. “Normally I use real world references for my pieces, but a peacock seemed like a fun creature to style.”

Pictured above, a fox named Fable sold for $600. She also shared photos of Fable as it was being completed in the images below.

More of his fine work is available for purchase at his website.