Copyrighted NFT Artwork with Sandjar Group Considered World’s First Occurrence

Dubai, UAE, 12 May 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Sandjar Group (Intellectual Property Protection Group) headed by Dr. Sandjar Muminov registered the first IP certificate to legally protect and secure the copyright of unique NFT artworks. The first real protected NFT (“CryptoSpectrum”) belongs to digital artist Vladislav Tkachuk, co-founder of the art group Synticate. The copyright certificate for Composite Copyright Work, is internationally recognized by 181 countries worldwide and verifies the valuation of the $317,000 investment.

“СryptoSpectrum” is now copyrighted by name, visual component and blockchain IP code. As the rights holder of this NFT, Synticate can receive bank loans (using the NFT as a collateral asset), record the NFT on corporate balance sheets as a capitalization-increasing intangible asset, can rent, lease or even benefit from a franchise. Synticate may prohibit and, more importantly, enforce this prohibition on any unauthorized copying of NFTs on the web and real market, remove fake replicas of protected NFTs, and enjoy all other forms of legal protection.

NFT registries claim to provide a public certificate of authenticity or proof of ownership, but the legal rights conveyed by an NFT are uncertain and often allow the sharing and copying of digital files. In the real economy, an artist, who is protected by copyright, in case of infringement can claim his intellectual rights from all official bodies such as the police, prosecution, courts, cybercrime, and can be supported physically by being distinguished by web links for smart contracts or blockchain codes.

Dr. Sandjar Muminov, comments: “The first registration of intellectual property rights for NFT put an end to public disputes without fear. Synticate’s NFT is launched to become part of the real economy. It is legally protectable, enforceable and material for the global marketplace.”

“The current precedent will go down in history as the very first method of evaluating NFT virtual digital art in the form of real and material art objects. Recognition of NFT artworks by international legal authorities will protect artists from losing their authorship and make the crypto market more legal and trustworthy” – Vladislav Tkachuk.

NFT – is a non-fungible token (a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain), which can be sold and exchanged. Types of NFTs include digital files such as photos, videos, audio, and other forms of digital art.

Sandjar Group – an international group of companies in the assessment, protection and valuation of intellectual property rights and investors since 2016.

Dr Sandjar Muminov (head of the Sandjar Group) has 25 years of experience in the IP industry and has been recognized as one of the world’s top 5 IP experts.

Vladislav Tkachuk – Creative director, visual artist, co-founder of Synticate (art group, led by Vladislav Tkachuk and Roman Tsukanov. Inspired by synthesis as the basis of life, the art group creates futuristic and unique synthetic life forms for metaverses, on the edge of nature and technology).

“CryptoSpectrum” NFT – is a biomorphic dynamic model of the relationships between artists and collectors on the NFT platform. NFT spirals, as living entities, are made up of basic blocks – pixels, elementary forms of digital matter. Here are art objects on the platform. Each pixel has its own color and together their sequence builds a spectrum, alters and reflects changes in the Cryptomarket. (Cyberorganics Collection; 1080 x 1920 px; Created April 2021)

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Contact: Mr. Vladislav Tkachuk

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