Dewsbury-based artists prepare to release their ‘Snowdog’ sculptures across Kirklees

Organized by The Kirkwood in partnership with Wild in Art and Snowman Enterprises Ltd, the Snowdogs Support Life art trail, Kirklees is inspired by the much-loved animated film The Snowman and The Snowdog, the sequel to the classic picture book and film by Raymond Briggs. The Snowman.

The sculptures were sponsored by local businesses and individually designed by artists across the UK. However, two were designed and made in Dewsbury by two local artists Cathy Simposon and Harriet Lawson.

Cathy, an experienced illustrator based in Dewsbury for three years, designed her Snowdog, (Snow)Dogrose, around her love of Yorkshire flowers and Dog Rose.

The free eight-week art trail will begin in September.

Cathy said: “The sculptures open up art to a wider audience and inspire people to look at parts of the city they otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

“I was thinking Yorkshire and I was thinking Snowdog and it had to be a white rose, because it’s Yorkshire and it’s snow.

“The other thing is I love Dog Roses, I think they are the most beautiful flowers.

“These trails are good for the general public, but as an artist it’s really fun to walk around and see everyone’s work – it’s just awesome.”

Cathy Simpson, illustrator.

Dewsbury-based painter, draftsman and digital artist Harriet Lawson designed her Snowdog, Sunflower Memories, around charity Kirkwood’s Sunflower Memorial Appeal.

Harriet said: ‘Every year we plant giant sunflowers and it’s kind of become a thing we do to remember my partner’s grandmother.

“It was a very nice connection for me.

“I have really huge sunflowers on the dog, then the background is a solid blue and I took the same blue from the Kirkwood logo, to make a complete connection.

A taste of (Snow) Dogrose.

“It was a fantastic project to work on and the support that the Kirkwood team has given to all the artists has been just brilliant.

“I can’t wait to see all the Snowdogs in their little corners, it’s going to be adorable.”

The Snowdogs will be on display in Kirklees between Friday 2nd September and Monday 31st October.

Harriet Lawson.

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Giant ‘Snowdog’ sculptures will be unleashed across Kirklees as part of an art trail