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The sculptures of Madeleine and Monte Carlo which were donated to the gallery by Linde Ivimey.

Two unique sculptures, donated by renowned Australian artist Linde Ivimey, were unveiled on Friday as part of the opening of the Bundaberg Regional Galleries Form exhibition.

On view until Sunday, March 27, the exhibition features key sculptural pieces that embody the idea of ​​’form’, a term that symbolizes three-dimensional objects that enclose volume by having length, width and height. .

The exhibited sculptures are part of the collection of the regional galleries of Bundaberg which includes more than 400 works.

The latest additions to the collection are two recently exhibited pieces by Linde Ivimey who requested that her work be donated to the gallery following her participation in last year’s SAVOR exhibition.

The contemporary Australian artist is well known for her figurative sculptures composed largely of woven fibers, steel armatures, dyed cotton and animal parts, and depicting human-animal hybrids.

Bundaberg regional galleries director Rebecca McDuff said the works had a unique story, being quite different from Linde’s usual pieces, and for good reason.

“These works by Linde Ivimey are Magdalene and Monte Carlo and they are quite small and different from the work that Linde exhibited in the SAVOR exhibition,” Rebecca said.

“The reason for this is that Linde created these pieces at a time when she was actually quite ill as there was a lot going on in her personal life and her health was suffering as a result.

“Because of this, she found she couldn’t stand up and work like she used to, so she transitioned to this new way of working by making these pieces on her knees, which allowed us to see detailed intricacies in how these sculpts are created, and I feel like they’re even more powerful because you can see the detail.

“The names are representative of Arnott’s cookies, as Linde talks about being in hospital waiting rooms or hospital rooms and Arnott’s cookies are of course ubiquitous with your cup of tea, she has therefore named the entire series after Arnott’s cookies.

“Like many of Linde’s works, these are a great representation of how she uses found objects. For example, we can see that the ears are made of bone. So I really encourage people to look up close to see the subtleties of the works.”

The sculptures of Madeleine and Monte Carlo which were donated to the gallery by Linde Ivimey.

Linde’s sculptures are highly sought after by private collectors and galleries around the world, with Australian actress Cate Blanchett known to have acquired her work.

Spokesman for the Council’s arts, culture and events portfolio, Cr John Learmonth, said the donation was a wonderful addition to an already well-established collection and a great achievement for gallery staff.

“Receiving Linde Ivimey’s artwork as recognition from the artist after being so impressed with her visit and involvement with SAVOR is a credit to the continued hard work of our gallery team,” said said Cr Learmonth.

“The Form exhibition is very unique, and I encourage people to visit the exhibition and see how wonderful the galleries sculpture collection is for themselves.”

You can find out more about the exhibition here.

Other exhibitions currently on view at the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery include JamFactory Icon Tom Moore: Abundant Wonder and A grand display by Troy Emery.

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