Eye-catching artwork created by the Sandwell charity is on display

From left to right: Lorraine Webster, Samantha Hanks, Joseph Khan, Peggy Ashcroft and Jason Oakley

Sandwell Parents for Disabled Children (SPDC) is a voluntary organization founded in 2003 by a group of parents and caregivers of disabled children who were frustrated with the borough’s lack of play and recreation for their children.

The primary function of SPDC is to provide play, recreation and social opportunities for children with disabilities with the inclusion of siblings and parents/guardians and to work with other service providers to ensure that children disabled are included.

Sandwell Parents for Disabled Children in Smethwick have unveiled new artwork designed by staff, artists, parents and children

The artwork, located at the Galton Valley Children’s Center in Smethwick, features a fire-breathing dragon illustrating the joys and demands of being a caring parent in Sandwell.

Designed by staff, artists, parents and children, the scales of the dragon show the positive side of caring parenting, the fire shows the more difficult aspects, the work is intended to be an inherited work of art to raise the profile of caring parents.

Jayne Ford, Caregiver Engagement Coordinator, said: “It was done over several months from February to June and was a huge amount of work.

“We also found out recently that the artwork will be going on tour.

“We were told it would be on display for some time in the council chambers at Sandwell.

“It will also form the cover of the Sandwell Caregivers Joint Strategy, which is the Caregivers Strategy document for a better life for carers at Sandwell.

“We are incredibly proud that the hard work of our caring parents will be featured on the cover.

SPDC also thanked the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund and the Sandwell Council for funding that supported the project.

More information about SPDC can be found at sp-dc.org or by calling 0121 565 2410.