Google Doodle shares the artwork of Alithia Ramirez, victim of Uvalde

The fourth year student loved making art and even drew and submitted a doodle this year. The search engine publishes it to honor his memory.

UVALDE, Texas – Alithia Ramirez had just turned 10, but her family said that in addition to being a role model for her siblings, she dreamed of going to Paris for art school. She had even submitted a doodle to Google this year, hoping to see it on their site.

To honor Ramirez, one of the 21 victims who lost their lives at Robb Elementary, Google is releasing his doodle for the world to see.

It represents a child on a sofa with a dog that has a toy. She used a brush for the G, and the earth and the sun for the o/. In the corner, her initials AR give the impression that she trained on many works of art.

“I want the world to see my art and show the world what I can do, I want people to be happy when they see my passion for art,” she said before her death.

Alithia’s parents met President Biden during his visit to Uvalde. They told her she was a talented artist with drawings and awards covering her bedroom walls.

They said the president asked if he could have one of his pieces to hang at the White House.

“He said, ‘Every time we hang it, we’ll send you a picture of where it’s hanging, and you’re free to see it anytime. “Something special that she put her whole heart into,” her father said.

Alithia is survived by her parents and her two younger siblings.