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First there was Brexit, then the pandemic and the “party door”, quickly followed by the war in Ukraine which led to the cost of living crisis. There were railroad strikes and droughts, as the government squabbled for leadership. So no surprises and despite the delays and costs we want to get the hell out of the UK and travel again.

‘Carry-on Baggage’ is a cheeky showcase of contemporary British artists in Lisbon, in a mini and easily portable form – A fun and simple concept. Artists are invited to participate individually or in groups. Guest artists should book a return flight to Lisbon and pack a small work of art in their hand luggage (wheeled cabin bag).

Guest and participating artists will need to cover their own flights and accommodation. The Galeria Augustine can offer artists (and their partners) a 12.5% ​​discount at the chic and elegant hotel – Hotel Pessoa in Chiado. Artists represented by galleries may participate with the consent and courtesy of their galleries (no commission on sales will be paid to galleries, but galleries will be tagged and mentioned in advertising and postings).

Artists can submit any work of their choice, and if selected, the work will be held in a living room.

Some of the themes the show wishes to explore are the emotional baggage that we as human beings carry with us. How light or heavy is this within the concept of “traveling light”? Which is more important, the journey or the destination?

“Carry-on Baggage” is also a look at the pace of modern life, the process and the effects of transportation, both for business and pleasure in this post-COVID era. The social impact of mass tourism on historic European cities, such as Lisbon. Then, of course, there are the global environmental implications of air travel. At what price is our collective desire to explore, document and share? As Europe rages through a heatwave, battling fires with temperatures unprecedented even for the UK, we have to ask ourselves some serious questions about the future of fossil fuels.

In addition to “hand luggage”, there will be a complementary exhibition in the gallery on the ground floor:

‘New Discoveries’ – Young Portuguese Artists

“New Discoveries” is a capsule exhibition in the gallery space on the ground floor of Galeria Augustine, featuring emerging Portuguese artists, which will complement and create a dialogue with British artists exhibiting upstairs as part of of the “Carry-On Baggage” exhibition.

The title refers to the “Age of Discoveries” (Era dos Descobrimentos), 15eand 16e centuries, when Portugal explored and colonized parts of Africa, the Americas, the Middle and Far East. During this period, Portugal became one of the wealthiest countries in the world, a position of world power that only came to an end with the 1775 earthquake in Lisbon.

“New Discoveries” showcases new Portuguese talent in a European city, Lisbon, until recently culturally overshadowed by capitals such as London and Paris which had spearheaded the great modernist movements of the early 20ecentury. From 1933 to 1974, Portugal lived under the Estado Novo dictatorship of Salazar. Artists, writers and intellectuals were viewed with suspicion at best, with culture being censored by the state. On April 25, 1974, the Carnation Revolution in Lisbon peacefully put an end to the regime.

“New Discoveries” explores the state of contemporary art in Portugal, which has only been able to flourish in recent decades, and looks at the artists of the next generation, expressing the attitudes and concerns of today, and taking over from contemporary Portuguese painting, in the footsteps of the late, great Anglophile, Paula Rego.

How to submit your work

All artists who wish to participate must send before Thursday, October 6 an image of the work, a CV and a biographical note by e-mail to ba@galeria-augustine.com

The works can be sent or delivered. There will be a drop off/collection point in London.

Artist Submission Deadline – Thursday, October 6

Galeria Augustine, Rua Leite de Vasconcelos 3A 1170-197, Lisbon, Portugal.

Handbags Flight departure: 27e October 19.00- 00.00
For online reservations and information: Maria Caixas: mc@galeria-augustine.com
Submitting artists: Ben Austin: ba@galeria-augustine.com


If the work is not sold within an agreed period (6 months), the gallery will send the work back to the artist or artists by a signed courier service.

Visitors and friends should make their own travel arrangements, please inquire about hotel discounts and recommendations for your stay in Lisbon.


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Marc Westall

Mark Westall is the founder and editor of FAD magazine, founder and co-editor of Art of Conversation and founder of the @worldoffad platform