HGTV Star Breegan Jane’s Top Tips for Selecting Artwork for Your Home

Of course, you want to choose the art you love – it’s supposed to make you feel something, after all. Breegan Jane says to go for art that inspires. “For me, seeing art energizes me and inspires me throughout my day,” she explains. “It makes me smile, makes me think and motivates me in my personal development. Can art do all this? He can, and he does! It may seem high to place these expectations on a piece of decor, but the right painting or sculpture can really change your mood. And the reason for liking specific artists, designs, or topics is up to you.

For Breegan Jane, it’s a jaguar. “I love what the jaguar symbolizes. She is the queen of the animal kingdom: intelligent, deadly and calculating. She hunts day and night. Likewise, I try to take every opportunity to get my family and business moving. .” If you’re not sure what appeals to you, you can take steps to figure out your style. You can look through different types of art and see what you react to. Are the colors softer or more vivid? Are there characters or scenes from nature? Is the art traditional or contemporary? After familiarizing yourself with what’s available, you’ll learn what you like. Sometimes you may not be able to identify why, but you fall in love with a piece. Artfinder says if you have a gut reaction, that’s a good sign you should take it home.