How WhIsBe united 24 top artists for their next drop

When the New York artist Whatever – short for “What is beauty?” — first reignited the then dormant flames of his creative fire in 2011, he was above all concerned with following in the footsteps of his heroes in the mainstream art world. Through graffiti, he thought, he could iterate on the works of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The result was commercial imagery aimed at disrupting public spaces – WhIsBe’s take on graffiti art.

But amid all of WhIsBe’s subversive iconography, one recurring character in his works stands out in his biting critique of the American criminal justice system: the Vandal Gummy. Originally, this character – an anthropomorphized gummy bear draped in a prisoner’s garb – ended up on hidden walls in the back alleys of New York City. Eventually, sculptures of the Vandal Gummy were produced, with one such sculpture ending up in the personal gallery of billionaire New York real estate developer Larry Silverstein.

The unifying force of WhIsBe in Web3

Today, the Vandal Gummy also lives on the blockchain, with WhIsBe offering his work as a canvas for 24 of the NFT space’s leading artists. In our latest episode of Behind The Drop, WhIsBe discussed their future plans for iconic character Vandal Gummy and the value of collaboration in the NFT space.

Following the success of WhIsBe’s original Vandals collection, which saw him bring the Vandal Gummy into the NFT space via a collection of 11,111 pieces, the New York-based artist is set to add to that collection. initial with the Vandalized Edition: a 600-track drop featuring collaborations with some of the best and brightest artists in the NFT space. “If we are going to practice and preach the community, […] we have to go with the flow and not just talk,” WhIsBe said in an interview with nft now.

Headlining the 600-piece drop, character reinterpretations of Vandal Gummy by Steve Aoki, Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova, FVCKRENDER, Mad Dog Jones, XCOPY, and more. With this initiative, WhIsBe hopes to pay tribute to some of the most important voices and artists in the NFT space, while promoting its continued growth. Speaking on the NFT space, WhIsBe said: “I think he’s trying to find his identity. I think everyone tries to find their identity but forgets to be the cool, popular kid in school and sticks to what they believe in. Working together is certainly a step in this direction. Vandalized edition of Vandal Gummy is about to go live September 28.