Iloilo veteran artists revive Hublag arts festival – Reuters

Ilonggo artists team up to revive a classic art festival

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t exactly the perfect time for Iloilo’s veteran artists to reunite, but it’s an opportune time to reignite and rekindle the spirit of an arts festival that for decades , coincides with the annual Dinagyang Festival.

In “Hublag-Subong”, more than 20 artists considered agurangs (the Hiligaynon word for respected elders) have reappeared with their latest works exhibited in one of the art galleries of the University of the Philippines (UP Visayas listen)) in Iloilo City.

“This exhibition reaffirms these agurangs‘talent and commitment to their muses who have supported the growth of art in Iloilo and who have, today, enriched the local, regional and even national art scene,” says Martin Genodepa, who is both a curator and an artist participant.

Artists participating in ‘Hublag-Subong’

The exhibition also features works by Ritche Baylon, Anthony Castillo, Ritchie Condesa, Ed Defensor, Boy Dolar, Angelo “Jun-Jun” Duarte, Vic Fario, Voltaire Fernandez, Ronnie Granja, Guijo Dueñas, Joey Isturis, Jeline Laporga, Madhu Ann Liebscher, Boy Masculino, Jomari Moleta, Rheo Nepomuceno, Frank Alexi Nobleza, Fred Orig, Al Provido, Eric Tacorda and PG Zoluaga.

“Hublag-Subong” takes off from Hublag: Ilonggo’s arts festival of the late 1980s to mid-1990s. Led by the Iloilo Arts Council and with support from UP Visayas, the original Hublag was mostly outdoor art exhibits in the now abandoned PNB multi-purpose hall along Gen Street. Luna and at Iloilo National High School in the La Paz district.

“[The original] Hublag spawned the first massive wave of local visual arts revival that brought local artists who had just been working in the shadows to the fore. It also encouraged and encouraged young talents to engage in art,” says Genodepa.

Needless to say, the new iteration of Hublag at UP Visayas’ Lantip Gallery is a more formal exhibition featuring at least two works by each participating artist. The majority of the works are acrylic and oil paintings, while several are mixed media works. There are also sculptures made of pieces of stone, wood and metal.

“Hublag-Subong” at UP Visayas is only the first for the agurang art meeting. There will be a second group exhibition at Museo Iloilo with more veteran artists.

“Hublag-Subong” runs until January 31. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it is suggested that you call (33) 337-9159 or message Upv Oica via Facebook Messenger for scheduled visits. Only a maximum of 10 people are allowed to enter.