Immersive art exhibit features huge balloon sculptures and poignant paintings

A new gallery from an internationally renowned designer showcases visually stunning works of art in St. Pete. Open now until October 16 at the Creative Pinellas Gallery, BLACK MATTER is an immersive exhibition of works by world-renowned sculptor and multidisciplinary artist Jason Hackenwerth.

The exhibition features nearly 100 unique pieces, while two massive sculptures made of latex balloons anchor the show, creating a breathtaking opening act for the gallery experience. The entire exhibition showcases over 20 years of Hackenwerth’s creations, including huge paintings and a scintillating retrospective of over 50 drawings and images.

Creative Pinellas CEO Barbara St. Clair described DARKMATTER as “an engrossing, larger-than-life experience” produced by one of the nation’s foremost multidisciplinary artists. The gallery is free and open to the public Wednesday through Sunday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Creative Pinellas Gallery, 12211 Walsingham Road, Largo, adjacent to the Florida Botanical Gardens. Artwork is also available for sale at the gallery and online through a virtual gallery.

Science and technology meet art and inspiration

Participants examining a balloon sculpture
Photo courtesy of Creative Pinellas

The title of the science and technology-inspired exhibition, DARKMATTER, stems from Hackenwerth’s thoughts on dark matter concepts, which culminated in “the idea of ​​a sculpture that will be a powerful tool to help us to grasp the idea of ​​the invisible force that holds our universe together.The moment is particularly poignant as CERN has just begun its search for dark matter in earnest.

Hackenwerth’s works have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, and he says this new exhibition will take viewers on an awe-inspiring journey from turbulence and drama to transcendence and joy. The artists promise intrigue and surprise in a gallery that explores the realities of our society and humanity – good and bad.

“This show is meant to be an example of how even after our world is torn in two, the way we rebuild it reflects our commonality,” Hackenwerth said. “I think people are conditioned to see things through a lens of duality. Good/bad, true/false. I hope people spend enough time on this show to recognize the idea of ​​a higher perspective that can see the divide in our society but can also glimpse the larger reality that if we let go of our dualistic thoughts we are All The same. ”

Creative Pinellas elevates art and artists throughout the county

Creative Pinellas’ mission is to foster and sustain a vibrant, inclusive, and collaborative arts community throughout Pinellas County. The organization provides support, connection and opportunity for artists, organizations and the public to develop and sustain the region as an internationally recognized arts and culture destination.

As the local county arts agency, Creative Pinellas and the programs it offers are funded by the Pinellas County Board of Commissioners, Visit St Petersburg-Clearwater, the State of Florida, the Department of State, the Cultural Affairs Division, and through sales of the state-of-the-art specialty license plate in Pinellas County.

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