Jugs and glass vessels hold architectural paper sculptures by Ayumi Shibata


#architecture #Ayumi Shibata #glass #light #paper #sculpture

August 9, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Ayumi Shibata, shared with permission

Nestled inside clear glass containers are Ayumi Shibatathe royal architectural panoramas and the superimposed cities surrounded by trees and vineyards. The Japanese artist is known for her elaborately constructed paper sculptures that fill small spaces like books and jars or occupy entire rooms, all of which are alluring and immersive as they draw viewers into enchanting, dreamlike environments. Because the artist uses only white paper, each sculpture highlights the intricacies of his cuts, and details are further enhanced when illuminated. This soft light source also creates depth and shadow, and Shibata describes the latter as adding a spiritual dimension to his works.

The artist recently completed two major commissions, one to accompany the singer Ryoko Moriyama on stage and another for the KITTE shopping center next to Tokyo station. You can follow updates on these in addition to other pieces at instagram.

#architecture #Ayumi Shibata #glass #light #paper #sculpture

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