Laguna Beach Arts Festival features works by OC students – OECD Newsroom

  • Sunday Vu Ray of Hope
  • Sunday seen with family

A drawing that took the Sunday Vu college student a few months to complete is making its rounds for public display.

Engraved and drawn entirely in pencil, the Westminster School District eighth grader drew a black and white image of a cat gazing intently at a monarch butterfly. Sunday named this piece “Ray of Hope”.

Sunday’s drawing is one of more than 200 pieces currently on display at the 90th Laguna Beach Arts Festival as part of the Junior Art Exhibit. Each artwork has been carefully selected by art authorities from thousands of submissions representing K-12 schools in Orange County.

The Junior Art Exhibit is produced in partnership with the Orange County Department of Education.

“Celebrating student creativity through events like this is essential to students’ well-being and sense of community,” said Scott Fitzpatrick, Visual and Performing Arts Co-ordinator at the OECD. . “This year’s showcase was a resounding success, and we are grateful to the Festival of Arts for their continued partnership and leadership in highlighting the artwork of students from public, private, home and charter schools. of Orange County.”

Before “Ray of Hope” appeared in Laguna Beach, he spent some time at a reception at Crystal Court in South Coast Plaza and Orange Coast College.

“We are proud to present the beautiful works of art chosen from thousands of submissions,” said Dave Perry, Chairman of the Festival of Arts Board. “The Junior Art Exhibition highlights the value and importance of art education.”

Dylan Nguyen Ostrich Size Comparison
“Ostrich Size Comparison” was an artwork created by new seventh grader Dylan Nguyen.

An artwork created by incoming seventh grader Dylan Nguyen is also featured at the Laguna Beach festival. His colorful drawing, titled “Ostrich Size Comparison,” was nominated for presentation at the festival by VSA Orange County, which is run by the OECD.

Westminster School District student Dylan Nguyen
Dylan Nguyen

Dylan is enrolled in the Westminster School District Special Education Program. He is passionate about art and loves drawing ostriches and other African animals.

“We are grateful to continue this partnership with the Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts and to have included artwork by students with disabilities,” said Marleena Barber, Director of VSA Orange County. “Their pieces were so seamlessly integrated into their overall junior art exhibit. It’s a true example of inclusion.

There are 23 works of art created by students with disabilities that have been selected for display at the festival.

The Junior Art Exhibition premiered in July and will run until September 2.