MAPPA Hypes Season 4 with new Levi artwork

The fourth season of The attack of the Titans is set to release its third and final batch of episodes next year. While Studio MAPPA hasn’t confirmed a specific release date for these latest installments, the animation studio has released official new art of Captain Levi as one of the Scout Regiment’s strongest members prepares for the final battle. As Eren Jaeger continues to lead waves of colossal Titans to every nation outside of Paradise, expect a big role for Levi next year.

Levi never had the ability to transform into a Titan himself, thanks in part to his lineage within the Ackermann family. However, that hasn’t stopped the high-ranking Survey Corps member from taking down more Titans than he can count. When we last saw Levi, he was nursing wounds inflicted on him in a suicidal action taken by Zeke Jaeger, aka the Beast Titan. Losing a few appendages and getting closer to death, Levi was luckily saved by Hange as the Jaegerists attempted to help enact Eren’s plans. Needless to say, despite his injuries, Levi has a score to settle with the Beast Titan and the Attack Titan in the anime’s final episodes.

Twitter output The attack of the Titans Wiki has shared the official new image of Captain Levi from Studio MAPPA, preparing fans for the final installments of the dark anime franchise that will see Ackermann battle Eren Jaeger in a twist of fate that many didn’t see coming:

The final battle of the series is definitely one of the biggest the Scout Regiment has ever fought in, and considering how many fights of life and death the Eldians have found themselves in, that’s really saying something. While creator Hajime Isayama has been tight-lipped about the possibility of a sequel series eventually being released, the mangaka revealed a number of clues in the director’s cut for the final chapter that a story could continue in this world. , although it was far different from the history of the Survey Corps.

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