Moray Art Center founder Randy Klinger exhibits his own works at the Nairn Community and Arts Center

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A drawing by Randy Kling titled ‘Woman at her Meal’.

A MORAY artist has started a month-long exhibition at the Nairn Community and Arts Centre.

Randy Klinger from New York has lived in Moray for 30 years, has exhibited in the UK, US, Europe and Japan and his work was recently placed second at the Derwent Art Prize, London and Paris.

The founder of the Moray Art Center in Findhorn studied at Cooper Union, New York.

He said: “My mentors then were NY Times senior art critic Dore Ashton and art historian Professor Sir Ernst Gombrich. Now my mentors include Matteo Ceriana (ex-Dir. Palazzo Pitti, Florence) and Harvard University art historian Joseph Koerner.

Randy Klinger’s Woman with Her Puzzle.

From the start of the Moray Art Centre, Randy has directed and taught, working with the British Museum, the Courtauld and the National Galleries of Scotland to create historical exhibitions.

He said, “My sole purpose is to create beauty relevant to our times, to evoke presence through form, and to create uplifting visual poetry. Every day I draw and every day I study art history. When I was a seven year old boy, I had an overwhelming experience of beauty – felt physically. It happened when I was alone at home in the drab suburbs of New York and saw Martha Graham’s modern dance on TV – like an electric shock, from head to toe, I experienced an aesthetic ecstasy. Since that day, I make photos with the desire to create images that could also have this power, leaving the viewer speechless – art as elevating the psyche. In this exhibition, I will show works from the last three years, with two themes: Self-portraits: “Before I die”. My intention with these drawings is to find the adventure, curiosity, attraction and beauty within myself and to share this inspiration with others, so that they too can see themselves, through this “newly restored mirror”; Person in a Series room. Influenced by Vermeer. For more information, visit