More than 50 sculptures on display at Rockingham’s Castaways Awards

Jan Mullen’s Patience sculpture.

Nominations for the Town of Rockingham’s 14th Annual Castaways Sculpture Awards have been finalized – with over 50 sculptures set to light up the Rockingham Foreshore and Rockingham Arts Center from Saturday, October 22 through Sunday, October 30.

Castaways is Rockingham’s signature arts and culture event, celebrating artistic innovation and environmental awareness.

It encourages the concept of recycling, with art as a vector of communication.

This year there will be $26,000 in unearned prizes for the artists, with the Castaways Sculpture Awards main exhibit and the schools exhibit being on display at Rockingham Foreshore.

The Model and Small Sculpture exhibition will be held at the Rockingham Arts Center on Kent Street.

For the main exhibit, Tuinna Blackie’s Castle in the Sand references fairytale castles, with very intricate welds and detailing.

Tuinna Blackie Castle in the sand.

Janet Nixon and Ivor Zuvela drew inspiration from childhood stories, with their quirky piece Gertrude, while Denise Pepper’s Halimedia is a riot of color and design, using disused pizza trays.

Halimedia by Denise Pepper.

Emerging artist and orthopedic surgeon, Professor Piers Yates has created Orthopus, a bizarre octopus-like metallic creature made from recycled and discarded orthopedic instruments and implants.

Meanwhile, Jan Mullen created Patience, a miniature caravan made from used playing cards.

For the third consecutive year, Castaways will have a guest artist, Greg James, to help with the exchange of knowledge between experienced and emerging artists.

Mayor Deb Hamblin said Castaways highlighted the city’s strong commitment to recycling and its growing reputation as a hub of cultural activity.

“Castaways provides a platform for artists to showcase their creative abilities and we look forward to welcoming community members and visitors from everywhere to this popular event,” said Mayor Hamblin.

“The City thanks the contributions and continued support of event sponsors Alcoa, Water Corporation and Fremantle Ports.”

Castaways curator Lyn Di Ciero said Castaways’ works are often poetic and thought-provoking, but also fun.

“Castaways 2022 promises to be an exceptional spectacle and visitors will not be disappointed,” said Ms Di Ciero.

Prizes for each category in Castaways 2022 include:
– Alcoa Major prize of $10,000 for a recycled sculpture with an aluminum component.
– $5,000 Innovation Award for using reused materials in innovative or unexpected ways.
– $5,000 Sustainability Award from the Water Corporation for an artwork that supports the concept of sustainability in its message.
– Model and Small Sculpture Award of $2,500 for excellence in small-scale sculpture, creatively using repurposed materials.
– A $2,000 prize for local residents of the Town of Rockingham to a local artist residing in the District of Rockingham.
– $1,000 Fremantle Ports People’s Choice Award – Main Exhibit for the artwork that receives the most votes from members of the public.
– $500 Fremantle Ports People’s Choice Award – Maquette and Small Sculpture Exhibition for the model that receives the most votes from members of the public.

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The play Gertrude by Janet Nixon and Ivor Zuvela.