New Chivas initiative empowers a new generation of NFT artists


What keeps Chivas at the top of its game? It’s the brand’s continued push for innovation and to keep abreast of happenings around the world. Over the past few months, topics around NFT and sustainability have been in the news and Chivas has wisely inserted itself into this conversation. As part of its new initiative to engage with the NFT community and artists, the Scotch whiskey brand has invited a group of creatives to showcase their works during its latest pop-up called “I Rise We Rise”.

Among the guest NFT artists is MOJOKO, a British-born artist known for his work inspired by B-movies, trashy TV and alternative culture. To present its works, MOJOKO uses a range of mediums, including digital tools; therefore, NFTs are a natural progression of his artistic endeavor. For him, NFTs help artists earn a living from their own crafts and eliminate the need for third parties like galleries while reducing potential waste.

Ahead, we spoke with MOJOKO about his latest artwork for Chivas’ “I Rise We Rise” initiative, the platform, and the future of NFTs.

Hi MOJOKO, could you tell us the inspiration behind your latest NFT creation, “Night Vision?”

Night vision, MOJOKO
“Night Vision” by MOJOKO. Image: MOJOKO

The work is inspired by the idea of ​​“precognition”, the psychic phenomenon of seeing into the future; and “recognition”, seeing things of the past. I often remix past and future elements to create a hybrid fantasy world – the Mojokoworld.

Bringing contrasting ideas to the fore has been the theme of most of your work, how does this translate to ‘Night Vision’ and what is the message you want to convey?

The mix of contrasting ideas is very experimental and hopefully leads to a new result. In the same way that a musician tries to harmonize different influences in search of a new sound, there are moments of harmony and conflict. A direct reflection of life in the modern world.

How do you see yourself being represented as an NFT artist in Chivas’ “I Rise, We Rise” initiative?

NFT Gallery at Chivas’ “I Rise We Rise” pop-up.

It’s very flattering to be invited to be featured in this event, in a new era of Chivas.

According to you, what is art today? And how has its definition evolved over the years, especially with the rise of NFTs?

Art is and always has been a form of expression: a way to explore new worlds, new ideas and new emotions. It has evolved like everything throughout history and NFTs are just a new way of declaring provenance. It’s technology that’s changing the way people create and consume art, but in essence art hasn’t changed. The ability to incorporate sound into artwork, movement and interactivity is what changes certain aspects of art.

Traditionally, art appreciation has been mostly associated with the wealthy, but the rise of NFTs has made art more accessible. Does this mean that art is no longer as exclusive as before?

I think street art and comic book culture are more responsible for making art more accessible. NFTs could potentially bring a new audience to art appreciation, but that’s still a niche thing. Do we consider cinematic art? Video games? Fashion? I think if we look at these art forms, then yes, art is no longer just for the elite.

You’re no stranger to using digital tools when creating your artwork, do you think creating NFTs is a natural progression in your career?

Yes, I’m very interested in using digital tools to create art – introducing NFT technology is one way to make it sustainable. For example, in the past, artists who made experimental animation or coded, screen-based artwork were never able to sell their work. Unlocking this ability has allowed more creators to make a living from their craft, finding new ways to earn a living from their art.

“I Rise, We Rise” is a new initiative from Chivas to celebrate and uplift the next generation of hustlers who are forging their own path to success, why do you think it’s important for artists like you who venture in NFTs?

Event space I Rise We Rise
Picture: Chivas

I think big names like Chivas are helping to make this new realm familiar. Perhaps the endorsement of the mentioned activities and their active promotion invites comfort and familiarity to a new audience. So yeah, it’s most definitely valuable for us as artists trying to push forward into uncharted territories.

It must have been a great honor to work with Chivas, how did you feel when you were invited to join the NFT artist group?

Yes, it’s very flattering to be invited to be featured in this event.

The Chivas “I Rise We Rise” pop-up is running until May 18, register your interest here.

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