NFT Galleries Featuring Latin Artists That Need To Be On Your Radar

Image courtesy of BELatina.

NFT galleries have changed the game when it comes to distributing, selling and buying digital art.

Multimedia artists were able to share and sell their works in the form of NFTs, also known as “non-fungible tokens”. This allows digital art sellers and buyers to have a virtual certificate of authenticity as each NFT is unique. Like cryptocurrency, each owner of an NFT can be traced back to its creation.

NFT Galleries are a collection of NFT artworks which can include a wide variety of artworks. From illustrations to videos and audio clips, NFT Galleries are a great way for digital artists to showcase their work in the community.

Here is a list of NFT galleries and online communities that feature Latin artists, and this should be on your radar!

Xave Market includes a variety of works by Latin American artists, and soon they will expand to include works by African artists.

The intention behind Xave Market was to create a space where more artists could have the “opportunity to market their digital work without intermediaries such as galleries, curators or art managers, allowing their artistic works to reach the whole world in real time without geographical limits. People can buy different songs, video art, geometric art and more on their market place!

On their Twitter page, Latino Society shares that “Latino Society is a female-led NFT community that features GenZ Latino artists [creating] connections and opportunities for Latinos and their Latino allies in Web3. »

Led by Rianne Sanchez and Danny Sanchez, the Latino Society has over 10,000 NFTs and is dedicated to creating and cultivating a community of good vibes through education and exhibits. You can consult more information about the artists they present here!

MITO is an NFT gallery dedicated to curating art by Spanish-speaking artists. MITO has created what they call “cross collections”, meaning there is intention and thought in including the diverse body of art curated for the gallery, with more than 40 artists contributing. The goal is for people to learn and enjoy the story behind each piece. Head here for more information!