Opening of an exhibition of steel sculptures in the capital – Newspaper

ISLAMABAD: The Khaas Contemporary gallery hosted a new exhibition on Saturday, where sculptures made by Umar Nawaz were displayed. The show is called Void.

Fundamentally transformative, his pieces manage to merge the tactile and fluid aspect of sculpture with the reflective and powerful density of metal. “The work is dynamic and must be seen in person,” the organizers said.

« My work revolves around the pragmatic reformation of a selected material. I use different techniques to explore my observations,” the artist said on the opening day of the exhibition.

Executed on stainless steel, the works are untitled, he said, adding that the forms he encountered during these experiments resulted in small details and textures which, when magnified in scale and size, shed light on the behavior of the material, which was otherwise hidden.

Nawaz, born in 1989, is a Lahore-based visual artist who obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the National College of Arts (NCA) in 2014, where he was also appointed as an instructor.

In addition to teaching at the NCA, Nawaz has participated in various exhibitions and residencies throughout Pakistan. Her practice revolves around unnoticed mundane materials and their interaction with the artist’s studio, where each material has been observed, reshaped or reformed. The show will continue until September 15.

Posted in Dawn, September 4, 2022