Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Reveal Official Artwork for New Pokemon, Gym Leaders

Nintendo has revealed more official artwork for pokemon scarlet and Purple, including new looks at recently revealed Gym Leaders and release exclusives. With a November release date fast approaching, pokemon scarlet and Purple have slowly shown more and more of what fans can expect to see when the games launch. Already, Pokemon the fans took a good look at the Paldea area, Scarlet and violet open world and some of the new pocket monsters joining the ninth generation of the franchise.


Recently, a new trailer dropped for pokemon scarlet and Purple, again revealing a bunch of new information to fans. The traditional villain team was revealed in Scarlet and violet Team Star, a group of rebellious students causing trouble at the school in which the player begins their Pokémon journey. The fight against Team Star is only one of three stories that the player can complete in pokemon scarlet and Purplebut in addition to showing the games’ narrative paths, the latest trailer also revealed new Pokémon and Gym leaders.

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Pokemon are coming Scarlet and Purple are Armarouge and Ceruledge. Armarouge is a Fire/Psychic-type Pokémon, while Ceruledge is a Fire/Ghost-type Pokémon. While fans got a brief glimpse of the new creatures in the trailer, the official artwork for Scarlet and violet the release exclusives feature a more detailed look, and for nostalgic fans, these new images will likely inspire some artists to create sprite versions of Armarouge and Ceruledge.

It seems from Ceruledge’s heavier armor around his feet and his swords for his hands that there could be more focus on his attack and speed stats. Looking at Armarouge, it’s clear that this Pokemon will be more defense-focused, but its shoulder pads can slide down its arm, acting almost like a cannon, which means it could also have some strong special attacks. In addition to offering a fresh look at the Pokémon revealed in the trailer, pokemon scarlet and Purple‘s Gym Leader also received an official artwork.

Brassius is the Grass-type gym leader for pokemon scarlet and Purple. His design certainly looks interesting compared to other Grass-type opponents. With a vine-like whip dangling from his hip, it almost seems like the player would be battling Brassius himself and not his Pokemon. Brassius, like all the Gym Leaders of pokemon scarlet and Purple, can be tackled at any point in the game, thanks to the Paldea region being fully open from the start of new games.

pokemon scarlet and Purple out November 18 on Nintendo Switch.

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