Polly Verity’s sultry sculptures tease moments of intimacy from simple sheets of paper


#faces #lips #paper #sculpture

June 14, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Polly Verity, shared with permission

Artist based in Wales Polly Truth (previously) transforms sheets of watercolor paper, canvas and wire mesh into elegantly suggestive sculptures. The minimal works are carefully molded through a series of bends, twists and slight folds that outline pursed lips or a rose brushing against a nose, and each curve subtly alters the expression of the figure. Alongside her facial silhouettes, Verity also fashions fragmented torsos and voluptuous limbs, an extension of her practice that connects the “sensual and supple” material more directly to subject matter.

“I work in the moment, perhaps giving the paper a first deep crease, taken by the whim of the moment and open to any form that begins to suggest itself. I work with the paper, gently exaggerating a hint of form or gently working an area until a form feels safe and authentic,” the artist told Colossal. There is, however, a delicate balance between the intimate and the erotic, and when the latter or an overly personal form emerges, she gets rid of the piece.

Verity is currently collaborating with the sound collective Crimson yew to create a body of work that responds to his live music – if you’re in Wales you can catch their next performance on June 25 at Davies & Co.. She also has a few pieces available in his shop and to The old bank vaultand you can find a lot more of his practice on instagram.

#faces #lips #paper #sculpture

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