Quad City Arts installs a new series of public sculptures

The QC area is about to get a whole lot more colorful, thanks to the annual Quad City Arts public sculpture program.

The nonprofit regional arts agency has facilitated the rental and installation of public sculptures in the Quad Cities since 2002. The city of Rock Island has participated in the program, annually, since 2007 and Bettendorf since 2008, according to a statement from Quad. City Arts.

Terry Karpowicz installs his sculpture, “Mercury”, at 15th Street & Great River Trail, Moline.

Seven sculptures are now part of Rock Island’s permanent collection, while Bettendorf has added six. Davenport purchased nine sculptures in the early years of the program. The sculptures are chosen by appointed committees and rented for one year. All sculptures are for sale and may be purchased by individuals, businesses or a city for permanent installation after June of the following year.

All of the sculptures currently on display, as well as the permanent sculptures, can be seen on Quad City Arts’ website, as well as the websites of the sponsors. All participating carvers live in the Midwest region.

According to Dawn Wolhford-Metallo, the visual arts director who oversees the program, the most exciting part of the process is watching a Hampton Crane operator use his pole to lift a sculpture from an artist’s vehicle, hoist it high into the tunes and skillfully lay it gently on a concrete slab, as instructed by the artist who created it. The artist will then drill holes in the concrete and fix the sculpture. Hampton Cranes generously offers its services.

Tim Adams and his public sculpture, “Coral”, at 2204 Grant St., Bettendorf.

Over the next two weeks, Quad City Arts is facilitating the replacement of five public sculptures in Bettendorf, sponsored by the City of Bettendorf; four in Moline, sponsored by Moline Center; and three in Rock Island, sponsored by the City of Rock Island. Four new sculpts will be added along 2n/a Street in Davenport, sponsored by the Downtown Davenport Partnership.

Rock Island has purchased two previously leased sculptures for their permanent collection: “Moon Shadow” by Peter Gray of Chicago will be moved from Five Points to Weber Park and “Growing Up” by Ben Pierce of Cape Girardeau, Mo., will remain in front of the center of the visitors to the Centennial Bridge. Geneseo Public Library purchased “Just Visiting” by Donald Horstman, of Fenton, Mo., to stay in the library entrance area.

A full list of new sculptures with their locations follows:


  • “High and Dry” by Kyle Fokken (Minneapolis, Minnesota), Bass Street Landing. 1601 River Drive
  • “Gears of Change” by Hilde DeBruyne (Cumming, Iowa), Mercado on Fifth, 421 12e St.
  • “Mercury” by Terry Karpowicz (Chicago), 15e Street & Great River Trail (behind Radisson parking lot).
  • “Beginnings” by Ben Pierce (Cape Girardeau, Mo.), Kone Building, 1 Montgomery Drive

Rock Island:

  • “Window Dressing” by Tim Adams (Webster City, Iowa), Five Points, 18e Avenue and 17e Street
  • “Expand and Grow” by Micki LeMieux (Chicago), Southwest Branch Library, 9010 Ridgewood Rd.
  • “Wheels on Fire” by Steven Maeck (Burr Oak, Iowa), Longview Park. 1300 17e St.


  • “Ora’s Shelf” by Mike Baur (West Chicago), Veterans Memorial Park
  • “Mod Pod” by Gail Katz-James (Minneapolis, Minnesota). Faye’s Field, 2850 Learning Campus Dr.
  • “Majestic Honker” by Pete Segar, Waterfront Convention Center
  • “Sweet Dreams Fly Away” by Paul Bobrowitz (Colgate, Wis.), Build to Suit (River’s Edge Business Park), 1805 State St.
  • “Coral” by Tim Adams (Webster City, Iowa), Community Center, 2204 Grant St.
  • “Flame of Remembrance” by Peter Gray (Chicago), Ascentra Credit Union, 2019 Grant St. (Second year relocation)


  • “Wending” by Ted Sitting Crow Garner (Chicago), Parking Ramp on W. 2n/a Street.
  • “The Nature of Healing” by Tim Adams (Webster City, Iowa), outside the Current Iowa Hotel, 2n/a & main streets.
  • “Twist” by Michael Young (Chicago), 126 Main St., in front of the RME Courtyard.
  • “King of Prairie Town” by Nicole Beck (Chicago), Figge Art Museum, 225 W. Second St.