Random: An Animal Crossing fan visits all of the game’s artwork in real life

Image: Nintendo/Nintendo Life

Imagine the scene: the year is 2020, the earth is in the throes of a global pandemic (like we’ve never seen), and as the world begins to crumble before your eyes, you – like many between us – are starting to take more and more interest in fishing, real estate, weeding, fossil hunting and, yes, art collecting.

Unless you Actually had the sudden urge to take up this eclectic mix of hobbies (in which case, boy do we have the game for you), chances are you too were a sucker for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which got turned out to be a bit of a comfort pocket while everything else seemed very dark. Now that the world has started to open up again, our animal crossing obsessions sound like a fever dream of a bygone era, but that hasn’t stopped some fans from living the life Tom Nook was so keen to sell.

One of these players is @MayPlaysTV, a UK-based streamer who has embarked on the admirable quest of visiting all of the game’s artwork in real life. He shared the trip on his social media with fans around the world and got off to a great start!

Now we all remember the stress of weighing Redd’s offerings, trying to decide if his products were real or just one of his sneaky knockoffs (although the particularly surprised Mona Lisa still holds a special place in our hearts). . Luckily, May doesn’t have to deal with all that, as he’s visiting galleries all over the world to check off each official artwork off the list.

With 43 different works spread across 17 cities in 11 different countries, that’s no small feat – traveling with Dodo Airlines with a Nook Miles ticket can only take you so far, after all. Five months later, May has made an impressive dent in her quest, documenting 15 different visits so far. Each trip update has been documented on May’s TikTok, with the series seeing him travel the world to visit the artwork and hold his personalized amiibo card in front of him as proof of visit.

For many of us, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will always hold a special place in our hearts despite our potentially dwindling playtime from pandemic levels. The May series continues to show the joy of the game and has us a lot wishing to take up the challenge ourselves soon.

What’s your favorite artwork in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Let us know the times Redd has been successful in the comments below!