Rooftop ReP Announce OIYK Release, Reveal Beautiful Ugly Artwork

Rooftop ReP expressed their joy at the announcement of the release of their latest music, OIYK, and the cover of their new song, Beautiful Ugly.

Music is my life, and I work extremely hard to make sure people can relate to and love my music.

— ReP on the roof

NEW YORK, USA, June 27, 2022 / — Fans have been paying attention to Rooftop ReP as the release of his Magnum Opus III project draws closer since the release of mapping artist Rooftop ReP and his fellow rapper Bibz Tha Don the single “The Reason”, which was a collaboration between the two. “Only If You Knew” was unexpectedly released by ReP in June. It features the ever-determined ReP we love while revealing a more personal side, and it came with a short trailer that featured some very scenic shots of New York City. That said, it’s unclear if the currently available track is another from the ‘Magnum Opus lll’ track listing. His fans and music lovers can listen to his hit singles by clicking here “The Reason” and “Only If You Knew”.

Although it is impossible to predict, ReP seems to hint at another version. In doing so, he appears to be leaking artwork for a new record that will be titled “Beautiful Ugly.” The album cover artwork features an aerial ground-level view of the artist from Brooklyn as the focal point, with blue skies and a light trippy touch in the background behind him.

When asked to speak to the media, he said, “Music is my life and I work extremely hard to make sure people can relate to my music and love it.” He went on to say that he believed “music is energy in itself”. It is something that influences all of us. Music is something that people enjoy, regardless of their culture of origin.”

His faithful devotees never miss an opportunity to express their admiration and affection to him. He has received an overwhelming amount of love and support from his fans which is a direct result of the growing number of followers he has on Instagram. One of his supporters expressed the opinion that “ReP is the winner all the way”. Another devotee chimed in, saying, “You are the best, and you deserve so much more love and recognition.”

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About Rooftop ReP

ReP, also known as Rooftop ReP, is a Brooklyn native who offers his brand of inspiration for the big dreamer that resides in all of us. ReP is also known as Rooftop ReP. Raised in the Brooklyn neighborhoods known as Crown Heights and Flatbush, known for their high rates of violence and drug use and economic disparity. ReP navigated the harsh realities of the world from an early age thanks to his family’s roots in the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

ReP’s poetic ability and cadence captivated many, including notable names in the music industry, and as a result he was named an MTV artist to watch. His music draws inspiration from alternative hip-hop acts such as Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest. Receiving the attention of notable individuals such as Grammy-winning producer Devo Springsteen (Kanye West, Estelle and John Legend), and even the enigmatic Damon Dash, who took a liking to ReP’s music and made a rare appearance in the video for ReP’s single – Swagger Mars, a track which was also hand-picked by pro skateboarder Tony Hawk for use on his Ride channel. Also, more recently, ReP’s music was used in the short film Crossroads, which had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2016. ReP is expanding its sound worldwide and redefining what hip-hop can be.

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