Sculptures of motherhood donated to the Embassy of Ukraine

Artist Yang Soon-yeal (left) and Oksana Ponomarenko, wife of Ambassador Dmytro Ponomarenko, pose for a photo Friday with the “Mother Ottogi” sculptures during a donation ceremony held at the Embassy of Ukraine in Seoul (DKKIM Foundation)

Artist Yang Soon-yeal’s two sculptures titled “Mother Ottogi” were donated to the Ukrainian Embassy in Seoul, as a wish for peace in Ukraine and an expression of respect for motherhood in a war-torn Ukraine. war.

The newly created works, funded by the DKKIM Foundation, show “indomitable and fearless” mothers in Korea and Ukraine, according to the artist who explored motherhood, which she considers a fundamental value of humanity.

“I heard about a Ukrainian mother who saved her baby’s life by protecting him from an explosion in Kyiv. We were there during the Korean War in 1950. Motherhood never dies. It becomes powerful before their child,” Yang told the Korea Herald. “The concept of ‘Ottogi’ includes a wish to restore the purity of humanity.”

The US-based DKKIM Foundation was established in 2003 by Korean-American entrepreneur Kim Dong-koo to provide medical, educational and cultural support globally. The foundation donated 37 million won ($30,893), including the artwork, to the embassy. The donated works will be exhibited at the embassy, ​​according to the foundation.

Yang will have a motherhood-themed exhibition in August and September at Hakgojae, a large gallery in central Seoul.

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