Showcase of local artists in the twin town of Bangor

An art exhibition is held in the twin town of Bangor, Soest, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, showcasing the work of two local artists.

Pete Jones and Jŵls Williams from Bangor, along with 13 artists from Soest’s other city partnerships across Europe, Guérard, Herzberg, Kampen, Soest NL and Strzelce Opolskie, will present their work.

This was Jŵls Williams’ first visit to Soest where she and the other co-exhibitors received a very warm welcome, including accommodation, meals and were even greeted with ‘Mae Hen Wlad fy Nhadau’ during the opening of the exhibition.

Jŵls also took part in a personal guided tour of our characterful twin town by Petra Menke-Koerner who curated and co-curated the exhibition. Petra has been to Bangor many times and can’t wait to go back. Pete Jones was unable to make it to the opening event but donated his painting to Soest as a gift, much to the delight of the mayor and others.

Artists responded to the theme ‘FREEDOM – Europe without borders’ an opportunity to open new visual worlds supporting the ideas of diversity, peace and freedom. The theme was guided by current European situations and the importance of town twinning and partnerships. Art can offer insight into one’s own situation as well as a perspective on a common Europe. This exhibition allowed artists to collectively present their work and testify that culture can take a big step forward.

The exhibition was originally planned for 2020 to celebrate 25 years with five of Soest’s twin towns in addition to 75 years after the end of World War II. Next year will mark 50 years of Bangore twin year with Soest – a cause for more celebrations.

The exhibition is held at the Kulturforum Neu St. Thomä, Soest (North Rhine-Westphalia) from mid-May to June 30e 2022.

Translated from the local German press –

Pete Jones’ painting depicts a child wearing a life jacket, representative of the refugee situation and many refugees who have fled, died or fallen into physical and/or economic hardship due to war around the world . And yet it should also show “hope”, as it says in German and Welsh on the lifejacket. Due to health issues, Pete Jones himself could not be present when the picture was handed over.

Earth, sea and sky are one. No borders, only horizons, only freedom. The abstract works of Jŵls Williams leave no doubt about this interpretation. His homeland has always been an unconscious motivation for his paintings as well as how his visits to the European continent have left their mark on his work. Both positive and negative flows enter into the work of the artist. Brexit has left its mark but art, in turn, brings people together, borders can be crossed.


Jŵls with co-exhibitors Adam Michalik and Piotr Franczok from Strzelce Opolskie, Poland