Stunning contemporary cycling artwork by Lucy Pittaway

Artist Lucy Pittaway adds four new pieces to her collection that beautifully portray the splendor of cycling

Lucy Pittaway, a renowned artist from Yorkshire who was recently recognized as ‘the UK’s most popular published artist’ for the third time running, has added four new cycling prints to her iconic ‘Cycling’ collection.

Inspired by the sights and sounds of her surroundings and loved ones, Lucy portrays the essence of sport with fine lines, injections of color and, in her four new pieces, captures the different feelings and emotions that cycling can evoke. .

These stunning works of art beautifully depict the dramatic landscapes, quiet roads, smooth tarmac, big uphills and downhills that make cycling so special, and make the perfect gifts for cycling enthusiasts.

Paint the open road

As the Official Artist of the Tour de Yorkshire for three years and with a collection that celebrates the 2019 UCI Road World Championships in her home town, Lucy is no stranger to capturing the sport of cycling.

‘I wanted to add to my existing collection of cycling art by creating pieces that complemented existing work but were also unique pieces in their own right, pieces that were less about the destination and more about the feeling and emotions of each trip. ‘, explains Lucia.

“On the Open Road” by Lucy Pittaway

“No matter what kind of bike you like, there’s a feeling of pure freedom that comes from being on the open road.

‘Whether it’s coasting from the top of the hills, quietly admiring the scenery of the local park or racing in search of a new personal best; or maybe you just want a cozy pub at the end of your ride, biking is for everyone.

From solo climbing adventures to a gentle family stroll, or two-wheeled exploration with friends, Lucy’s artwork is the perfect piece to hang on any wall.

Cycling memories for everyone

“Precious Times” by Lucy Pittaway

It is this holistic approach to cycling that leads Lucy to delicately explore the different ways of enjoying cycling.

For example, “Treasured Times” beautifully illustrates the fun of a family bike ride and is inspired by Lucy’s own memories of cycling.

“We’ve always been an active family and we’re on our bikes a lot, no matter the weather,” she says.

“It was thinking back to the fond memories I have of teaching my twin boys to ride bikes that inspired ‘Treasured Times’ as we had fun outdoors and went on family adventures.

“Now the kids are bigger, the way we enjoy cycling has changed, it now involves more courage, determination and getting off the beaten track, and sometimes getting lost!”

king of the mountain

“King of the Mountain” by Lucy Pittaway

The tenacity and endurance so often found in cycling can be found in its new ‘King of the Mountain’ print.

“‘King of the Mountain’ was inspired by my husband as he is often out front, taking the lead on rugged gravel paths desperate to be first to the top,” says Lucy.

In this stunning piece, Lucy effortlessly encapsulates how, on a ride, the weather may change, but the purpose of it all never changes.

It’s a familiar feeling to any cyclist. The only way is to go up.

Familiar feelings

“Head Over Wheels” by Lucy Pittaway

Lucy’s other two new paintings, ‘Head over Wheels’ and ‘On the Open Road’, also capture the unique emotions that cycling can evoke, whether with friends, family or solo, and those that Lucy herself -even knows well. .

“Breathing in the fresh air makes me feel invigorated and wide awake,” says Lucy.

“Whether we’re taking a family ride along winding country roads or following a gravel path up a steep hill, there’s nothing better than enjoying the sights and sounds of a bike ride .

“I hope the collection inspires you to enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer, and puts a smile on everyone who looks at it.”

Cushion, mug, A5 notebook and to-do list “Free Spirits” by Lucy Pittaway

• Lucy’s work is available as stunning original artwork, giclée prints or striking canvas. You can view the full catalog of Lucy’s work at or at one of her dedicated galleries in Richmond, Brompton-on-Swale, Yarm or Keswick.

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