Surf City is accepting applications from North Carolina artists for a mural project

An L-shaped wall near the water town of Surf City is just a simple block of blue-green colored concrete, but soon an artist’s vision and imagination will bring the surface to life.

City officials are now accepting submissions from North Carolina artists for a mural project near the traffic circle on South Topsail Drive. The Surf City Beautification and Improvement Committee (BEC) chose the location, which conceals a pumphouse on Topsail Island.

City Manager Kyle Breuer looks forward to seeing the work completed, which is a new type of project for the city.

“As this is the first mural in town, we hope it will spark or invigorate different artwork around town, on businesses or other properties,” Breuer said.

Depending on the theme, artists are encouraged to submit ideas that showcase the beauty and culture of Surf City. It started over 60 years ago and was once a small fishing village before becoming a popular destination for tourists. Some of the other history includes pirates, the old swing bridge, and Operation Bumblebee, a US Navy missile program that operated on Topsail Island in the 1940s.

In addition to having access to the Atlantic Ocean on the beach, the intra-coastal waterway allows residents and visitors to enjoy activities like fishing, kayaking, and water skiing. Surf City and Topsail Island are also known as a sea turtle sanctuary.

PICTURES: The Carolina Beach Murals

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The deadline for submission is August 1. The winners will be announced on August 16. Pre-installation and preparation work should be completed by August 30. According to the schedule, the installation will begin on September 12 and will be completed by September 23.

The artist will be selected through an informal process involving BEC members. Artists may submit more than one concept render. All proposals will be presented to committee members, who will vote on the designs. Previous experience with murals will be considered achievement for the RFP.

After:Carolina Beach Mural Project beautifies the city and honors its history, one wall at a time

A more formal, scale model of the mural is needed before it is presented to the Surf City City Council. The compensation budget is over $8,040 and is based on square footage of the mural. The selected artist will be responsible for the paint and other supplies needed for the project.

It was also noted in the application that community support and equipment donations will be directed by the BEC to help reduce the overall compensation amount.

Additional information is available online at or by clicking on the “Call For Entries” tab.

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