Ten life-size sculptures have appeared around Bridport

Residents of Bridport came together to celebrate the gift of art and officially welcome ten life-size sculptures to the town.

British artist and sculptor Greta Berlin donated ten life-size sculptures to Bridport, which can be seen throughout the city. Eight are on display in Riverside Gardens to the east of the city, one resides in Plottingham Field while another, the ‘Mother and Child’ sculpture, is moved to various indoor locations.

The artwork donation to Bridport, first reported by the News last month, recognizes and celebrates the town’s long association and support for the arts.

Ms Berlin said: “With the erosion of the arts in education and increasingly scarce funding we are at risk of becoming a culturally sterile country, I wanted to, in a way, restore the balance.

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“Bridport has a wide reputation as a community for the arts and a town council sympathetic to our cultural life, while seeking a permanent home for my collection where a wider audience would be found”.

Her work is a reflection of her worldview and nowadays she is interested in decaying and finding old rusty steel and broken things and then bringing it back to life to watch it decay again and watching the birds nest in it – she describes it as giving perspective to life and continuity.

All of his works have deeper meanings behind them, including “Lost Identity”, which is a reflection on the horrors that so many people find themselves in today, fleeing war and famine, through unimaginable dangers, for seek refuge on distant shores, where they often find they are not welcome.

While ‘Woman’ is a sculpture created by Ms Berlin after a woman in Bridport asked her to do a piece about altered body image and promoting acceptance.

Welcoming the art donation to Bridport, Mayor Ian Bark said: ‘We are honored to receive such an important body of work from Greta, seeing her works displayed together in the open air will be a source of interest. and sometimes a challenge for many years to come”.

Other sculptures are on display around the city, as part of the Bridport Sculpture Trail, which changes every year, with works by Isla Chaney, Greta Berlin, Brendon Murless, Vik Westaway, Carrie Mason in the green spaces surrounding the city, including Asker Meadows, Plottingham Field, Riverside Gardens, Borough Gardens and Millennium Green.

You can find more information here: https://www.bridport-tc.gov.uk/sculpture-trail/, or pick up a leaflet from the Bridport Tourist Information Centre.