The 10 Best Eevee Cards, Ranked by Artwork

Alongside Pikachu, Evolution Pokemon Eevee is one of the most well-known Pokemon in the series, partly due to its adorable design and the fact that it can evolve into eight different Pokemon. Due to Eevee’s popularity, it’s no surprise that Pokemon TCG illustrators have chosen to depict Eevee on many different cards over the years.

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Although they show the same Pokémon, each of these cards offers something new through the illustrator’s individual art styles and the different approaches they took, whether they show off Eevee’s curious personality, his sleepy nature or how it gets along with other Pokémon.


10/10 The First: Eevee (Jungle #51)

Pokemon illustrators started off strong with the first Eevee card drawn by Kagemaru Himeno that featured in the original Jungle set. This card shows an Eevee leaping through the air, trying to catch the butterflies floating above. The bright colors of this card are one of its best features, as purple, orange, and green complement Eevee’s brown fur.

This card is missing a few details, such as the tuft of off-white fur at the end of Eevee’s tail, as Pokemon was still figuring out the finer details of Eevee’s design. Nonetheless, this map is one of the most memorable to date.

This Eevee card from Sword & Shield Promos is as radiant as its name suggests. Illustrated by Souichirou Gunjima, this card features a cheerful Eevee running through a mine filled with gems. The most notable thing about this card is that it shows off the shiny version of Eevee, with her shiny design matching her sparkling surroundings.

Shiny Eevee’s silver color scheme complements the colorful stalactites that grow from the ceiling of the cave. Even the outside of the card has a rainbow background, reflecting the colors shown in the main illustration.

8/10 Forest Friends: Eevee (Ultra Prism #105)

Unlike many other Eevee cards, which tend to feature a singular Eevee, Hideki Ishikawa’s rendition of this cute Pokémon focuses on three Eevee in the forest. The illustration shows the Eevee stumbling over a stream on their travels.

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One of the Eevee is bolder than the others, venturing into the water with a splash, while the other Eevee are more fearful, patting the water with their paws. This card captures a snapshot of these Eevee in the wild, living up to their playful and curious nature.

7/10 Wander through the flowers: Eevee (Sun & Moon #101a)

Saya Tsuruta took a stylized approach in her take on Eevee, favoring a hand-drawn finish that emphasizes her dreamlike aesthetic. In this card, Eevee smiles as she walks through a blooming field of flowers, leaving a trail of petals in her wake.

The environment in this map is colorful, thanks to the different shades used for the flowers and the blue sky above, giving the scene an overall happy feel reminiscent of Floaroma Meadow in Sinnoh. Tucked among the flowers is even a hidden Poke Ball that you might have missed at first glance.

This card captures Eevee’s feline features as she plays with a ball of yarn that has fallen from the knitting basket. The owner of this Pokemon is definitely an Eevee fan, as they have a small plush version of Eevee displayed in the background.

Mizue’s cute art style captures Eevee’s adorable nature, as he has big brown eyes that glow playfully. The solar flares used in this Eevee card help set the scene by illuminating it when the sun shines through the patio doors on Eevee.

5/10 Perfect nap spot: Eevee (Astral Radiance #119)

This sweet Eevee card, illustrated by Sowsow, is part of the Astral Radiance set and shows Eevee resting on the forest floor. Eevee is particularly valuable because it has one ear cocked to the side and is curled up like a cat with its tail tucked in.

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It looks like a cozy place to take a nap, as Eevee is surrounded by flowers of different colors with rays of sunlight streaming through the leaves of the trees above. The hand-drawn effect used on this card enhances the relaxing atmosphere, as everything is painted in soft light.

One of the Eevee cards from the Sword & Shield promos, this card shows an Eevee at the beach at night, prancing about in the reflection of the moon on the surface of the water. Souichirou Gunjima’s illustration sums up the playful scene through the expression on Eevee’s face, as her eyes sparkle with excitement.

Gunjima paid close attention to detail in their artwork, as the artwork even shows the paw prints Eevee left in the sand. The sparkles help add a dreamlike quality to the scene – it almost looks like moonlight is shimmering around the Eevee.

Illustrated by Tika Matsuno, this Eevee card is part of the Sword & Shield Promos. The artwork on this card depicts a sleeping Eevee lying on a garden bench, having just woken up from a nap. The soft color palette used by Matsuno perfectly captures this idyllic scene as sunlight streaks across peaceful Eevee.

Although this map only shows a snapshot of the environment, it’s easy to imagine the bigger picture – it’s possible that it was someone’s pet, Eevee, who fell asleep in the garden among the flowers, with the warm rays of the sun awakening it from its slumber.

2/10 Bill’s Personal Assistant: Eevee (Brilliant Stars #TG11)

As illustrated by Souichirou Gunjima, this artful Eevee card shows the Pokémon Researcher sheepishly scratching his head as his Eevee jumps into a drawer, sending Bill’s documents flying around the room.

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Gunjima put a lot of detail into this illustration, like you can see the teleporter in the background and a photo of Nidorino, which Bill turns into Pokemon Let’s Go. As you often receive an Eevee from Bill in games, this Pokemon card is the perfect tribute to their connection.

This Tag Team card, illustrated by Tomokazu Komiya, features Eevee and Snorlax eating what looks like Sitrus Berries from a bowl. The best part about this Eevee card is Komiya’s stylized art style that sets it apart from the rest.

This approach, in addition to being unique, is reminiscent of children’s drawings and perfectly captures the joy of this scene – all thanks to the bright and colorful hand-drawn background and the happy expressions on each of the children’s faces. Pokémon as they feast on the delicious berries.

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