The Cabin welcomes three local artists – The Spectator

Last Saturday, September 24, during the family weekend, La Cabane welcomed three singer-songwriters. Students and their families came to hear original songs and covers by Emm K, Emmett Mulrooney and Colin Bracewell. Each artist performed for approximately 45 minutes.

Emm K stated that she had been interested in music since a young age. She learned to play the guitar after her kindergarten teacher played one in class. She eventually took lessons and began performing for the public at age twelve.

His Spotify account describes his music as indie, pop rock and alternative. She is also the lead singer of “Bear Creek Band.”

Emm K describes her songwriting process as “chaotic”. Normally, the lyrics come to him first. She will sometimes have to pull over on the side of the road and pull out voice memos when an idea strikes her.

“Whenever you think of something like that, there’s no one else feeling that way. You know, I’m the only person going through that. I want (the listeners) to feel the exact opposite, to okay, someone else felt this and went through this and it will be fine,” Emm K said of what she wants listeners to feel when listening to her music.

If she could collaborate with any artist, Emm K would love to work with the group To choke. She said she likes how their songs are upbeat with darker lyrics. Her favorite song is “Heart on my Sleeve”.

Emmett Mulrooney comes from Milwaukee. His music is described as “indie, chamber pop sound” on Spotify. Mulrooney said he often heard his mother say that he “sang before (he) spoke”.

Like Emm K, Mulrooney said he started playing music at a young age. He started taking piano lessons at age 4 and guitar lessons at age 10. By age 12, he was playing at farmers markets and cafes.

“I just hope that (listeners) feel a little carefree and they can somehow relate to it and bring it to their own lives and feel good listening to music” , Mulrooney said.

Mulrooney said his favorite song is “Fool” but he really enjoys performing “She Likes My Style.”

“It’s so much fun live,” Mulrooney said. “It’s just the funniest and most energetic song.”

Mulrooney has 55,050 monthly listeners on Spotify and her top song “Sunset Wife” has over 4 million plays.

Colin Bracewell, the latest performer, is a senior at the University of Minnesota. He played saxophone in high school, but said he got really interested in music during his freshman year of college.

Bracewell described his songs as “good vibes shrouded in sadness”. He often thinks of a melody late at night, staying up to work on it before adding lyrics. He draws inspiration for his lyrics from things that happen in his life, such as transitioning out of school as a senior or breakups.

Bracewell said his favorite song is his most recent, “Making Me Crazy,” and if he could collaborate with any artist he chooses Jeremy Zucker Where Justin Vernon.

Bracewell has over 1,000 listeners on Spotify. “Slopes”, his best song on Spotifyhas 18,300 listens.

The next cabin concert will be at 6:00 p.m. on October 15 and will feature Fiona Rose Kelly. The rest of the cabin concert schedule can be found here. These events are free and open to the public.

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