The Emerging Artists Exhibit returns to Creative 360 ​​in Midland, Michigan.

Creative 360 ​​and Parker Lane Studios have partnered for the second annual Emerging Artists Expo.

“We think it’s extremely important to support and encourage new artists,” said Laura Vosejpka, director of Creative 360, sharing the focus of the exhibition. “There is nothing more stimulating as an artist than seeing your work in a gallery.”

Vosejpka explained that the best way to learn is to be in an authentic setting. Every artist has to start somewhere, and this exhibit showcases local talent for artists aged 16-55.

The Emerging Artists Exhibit began with an opening reception on Friday, September 9 at Creative 360 ​​Gallery, located at 1517 Bayliss St. in Midland. Twenty-eight artists are presented and a total of 50 works of art will be exhibited until October 16. Admission to the exhibition is free, although donations are appreciated.

Winners were announced at the opening reception with three entry categories: 2D art, 3D art and photography. The jurist was Andrew Rieder, associate professor of art and gallery director at Delta College.

Honorable mentions include “New Rural” by Josh Roupe, “Renaissance: Acer Ramulus” by Emily Swierzbin, “The Tree of Life” by Nicholas Turka, and “Americana Dream” by Nick Ten Eyck.

Best Cinematography went to David Dornoff for “San Clemente Beach”.

Best 3D Art went to Cheyenne Baccary for “Boogie the Disco Orca”. The best 2D was awarded to “Collision” by Jason Woertink. Best in Show went to Jordan Switala’s “Afterlife.”

Honorable mentions and winning plays are all marked accordingly, indicating the artists’ achievements.

A majority of participating artists attended the reception on Friday, including Alan Maciag. He appreciated how the exhibition provided the artists with the opportunity to share ideas and suggestions that could help them grow.

“Many winners were surprised because this was their first serious exhibition,” Maciag said. “It was a pleasure to see these young artists merge with the long-time, dedicated and active artists of this community.”

Valerie Allen, another local artist who attended the reception, offered her congratulations to everyone who participated in the Emerging Artists Exhibition.

“I’m so glad I attended the opening reception,” Allen said. “There was an energy to this collection of artwork that definitely shines a light on new talent in our area.”

With the Emerging Artists Exhibition focused on finding ways to educate, empower and encourage artists, it was a hands-on experience for many attendees.

Jason Woertink is a Midland bid artist who won Best 2D for his oil painting that shows a still life made up of components from the “Container” board game. Woertink considers himself a serial hobbyist who started painting in February 2020, and he took off from there with the help of online tutorials during the pandemic.

Carolina Donoso is a submissive artist from Midland who experienced a lot of art growing up in different countries. After being an artist for 10 years, she began to make it her career, with Emerging Artists as her first exhibition. “Trust the Process” is one of his acrylic paintings that is on display.

With three submissions in total for her first exhibition, Michelle Marcotte was thrilled to participate. She found her inspiration at Creative 360 ​​about 10 years ago. Being able to exhibit her bright and colorful acrylic paintings in this space was validation for her.

“It’s my arena and I’m just getting started,” Marcotte said.